View and take notes on the following material, in preparation for Yahoo Message Board discussion. You can also use search engines to locate more information on Apollo. He is a god of many interests, cultural, political, legal, prophetic, etc.:



  1. The Wikipedia article on Apollo, (ignore the notion that he came to Greece in the 10th or 9th century).
  2. The THEOI article on “ Apollo ” (Theoi)


  1. The Site of Delphi Material contained in Perseus (Tufts University).
  2. The Archaeological Area of Delphi (Greek Thesaurus)
  3. The Sanctuary at Delphi (Sacred Destinations).
  4. Archaeological Museum of Delphi (Ancient Greece.org).


  1. The site of Delos, the sacred island on which Apollo and Artemis were born. Material contained in Perseus (Tufts University).
  2. Delos (Sacred Destinations)
  3. A pictorial visit to the Sacred Isle, Birthplace of Apollo.

BASSAE, Arcadia

  1. The Temple of Apollo at Bassae (Perseus, Tufts University)
  2. Description of the Temple (Perseus)
  3. The Temple of Epicurean Apollo at Bassai (Sacred Destinations)

KLAROS (Ionia, Turkey)

  1. The site of Klaros, a small city on the coast of Ionia (Turkey), where Apollo and Artemis had temples and there was an oracle.

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