1. To acquire an understanding about the holy site at the Greek town of Eleusis
  2. To acquire an understanding of the activities conducted at Eleusis by the members of the ex-royal family (Eumolpidai)
  3. Using information which you collect about Demeter, to share and discuss information about Demeter, Persephone and the cult activities that took place at Eleusis:
  1. Why is Demeter doing what she is doing?
  2. What exactly is Demeter doing?
  3. What is the intended result of being initiated in the Mysteries of Eleusis?
A grade willl be based on (a) participation; (b) new thoughts you add; (c) quality of analysis and criticism you bring to the discussion. You can start posting immediately, and go on until I tell you to stop--or until you run out of things to say.


  1. Eleusis (Encyclopedia Mythica)
  2. Pathways to Greek Myth: Eleusis
  3. Classical Backpacking in Greece: Eleusis
  4. Ancient Worlds (The Hellenic World)


  1. Eleusis in Art (Susan Burke, Yale University: Tufts Perseus Project)
  2. Pictures of Demeter (Laurel Bowman, University of Victoria)


  1. Demeter: "Women in Greek Myth"
  2. Ecole Initiative: Eleusis
  3. Eleusis: Fant and Lefkowitz
  4. An Initiate: Vettius Agorius Praetextatus and Vettia (Fant and Lefkowitz)

Study Notes

  1. Homeric Hymn: to Demeter (M. Katz)
  2. Eleusis and Art

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