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Classics Minor
John P. Adams

The Minor

The Classics section offers courses in Greek and Latin languages, literatures, and civilizations.


Requirements for the Minor

1. Lower-division Required Courses (12 Units)
           CLAS 101L Elementary Latin I (3)
           CLAS 102L Elementary Latin II (3)
           CLAS 201L Intermediate Latin I (3)
           CLAS 202L Intermediate Latin II (3)

2. Upper-division Required Courses (12 Units)
           CLAS 315 Greek and Roman Mythology (3)
           FLIT 423 The Greek and Roman Epic in Translation (3)
           FLIT 424 Drama of Greece and Rome (3)
           FLIT 480 Greek and Roman Literature in Translation (3)

Note that interviews with instructors designed to place lower-divi­sion students at appropriate levels of language achievement given before registration week.

Total Units in the Minor:   24

Course List

CLAS 101G. Elementary Greek I (3)
Fundamentals of Attic Greek; reading of a simplified nature from Xenophon’s Anabasis. (Available for General Education, Comparative Cultural Studies)

CLAS 102G. Elementary Greek II (3)
Continuation of Elementary Greek I. (Available for General Education, Comparative Cultural Studies)

CLAS 101L. Elementary Latin I (3)
Introduction to the structure of Latin with emphasis on reading Latin and on the role of Latin to the development of English. (Available for General Education, Comparative Cultural Studies)

CLAS 102L. Elementary Latin II (3)
Continuation of CLAS 101. (Available for General Education, Comparative Cultural Studies)

CLAS 201L. Intermediate Latin I (3)
Prerequisite: CLAS 102L. Reading and analysis of selected Latin prose.

CLAS 202L. Intermediate Latin II (3)
Prerequisite: CLAS 201L. Reading and analysis of classicalLatin poetry.

CLAS 315. Greek And Roman Mythology (3)
Prerequisite: Completion of the lower-division writing requirement. Conducted in English. Study of the myths of Greeks and Romans and of their impact on the literature of the Western world. (Available for General Education, Arts and Humanities)

CLAS 496A-Z. Experimental Topics Courses In Classics (3)
Prerequisite: Upper-division standing. Selected topics in Classics with course content to be determined.

FLIT 423. The Greek And Roman Epic In Translation (3)
Conducted in English. Traces the development of the epic genre in antiquity. Emphasis on readings from Homer’s Iliad, Odyssey, and Virgil’s Aeneid. (Cross-listed with ENGL 423)

FLIT 424. Drama Of Greece And Rome (3)
Conducted in English. Analysis of major Greek and Roman plays as literature and as works for the theater. (Cross-listed with ENGL 424;  same as THEA 422)

FLIT 480. Greek And Roman Literature In Translation (3)
Conducted in English. Study of representative works of classical lit­erature in translation; consideration of their contributions to west­ern thought. (Cross-listed with ENGL 480)


Prof. John P. Adams
435 Sierra Tower
677-3459 / 677-3467

Classical Civ COMMITTEE






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