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Dr. John Ellington (Ellis) Godard, Jr., PhD

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Associate Professor, Sociology Department
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
California State University, Northridge


I received my B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. from the University of Virginia. As an undergraduate, I was a double-major in Sociology and Government, with a minor in Philosophy. As a graduate student, I primarily studied social movements (including new religious movements), and deviance and social control (including a foundation in criminological and law-related courses).


Ontologically, I am an empiricist. Epistemologically, I am a scientist. Theoretically, I hold particular interest in social geometry. But methodologically and empirically, I am nomadic. I am interested in the full gamut of both quantitative and qualitative methods - methods not merely as abstract considerations, but as employed in the development and testing of theory - and theory not merely as conceptual meanderings but as parsimonious summaries of observed social life.

My doctoral study addressed patterns of conflict management in online settings, including a content analysis of 5,000 messages, quantitative analyeses of 1.5 million messages, and interviews with 120 participants. I have since studied virtual reality and reality shows, professorial attire and clothing fetishes, professionalism and pedagogy. I might even be studying you right now... which is only fair, since you're studying me.


While I have taught a variety of courses, including a new course preparation in six of the most recent eight semesters, I primarily teach in three course areas. Click on these links for the most recent instances of the course examples noted (all SOC):

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Contact Information

  • Email: egodard @ csun.edu or as received
  • Phone: (818) 677-4050 (forwards to Google Voice; see below)
  • Office Hours (Sp13): M&W 430-530 and Thu 5-6 in SN333; online; & by appt.

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