MUS 396MM Multimedia Survey—Sound Design/Music Units
Spring 2008

Instructors: Dan Hosken, Elizabeth Sellers

We will be meeting in the Music Technology Lab in Cypress Hall, Room 238

Cypress Hall (the music building) is all the way down on Nordhoff

it will take about 10 minutes to walk there from the Art and Design Center

Music Unit:

Cues for Listening:

Download them as AIFFs here

Sound Design Unit:

Here's a very useful site with a ton of reading material, interviews, etc.:

Here are some links to free online sample libraries—I haven't used any of these extensively, so your mileage may vary…

Here are some more interesting Video Clips (these might give you other sound design ideas):

Reading for March 12 class (please do the reading before class):

Video Clips for the March 12 class (please view these before the class):

Dr. Hosken's Homepage
CSUN Music Department