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Cset Tips

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The links below have lesson plans and resources by grade level .

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The links below have lesson plans and resources by grade level .

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California for Educators :
History and Geography of California (417)

The links below are for students and faculty involved in Geography/History 417 course.

Related CSUN Links

Below are other links of interest to students in the liberal studies or Integrated Teacher Education Program.

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California for Students. California for Educators.

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This webpage features some tips and strategies for maximizing your performance on the Social Science component of the C.S.E.T. examination.

This page has been uploaded at the request of students in California State University, Northridge's Integrated Teacher Education Program.

Please be warned! There are loads of commercial websites out there selling miracle methods to help you pass this exam. Don't believe that stuff. These are almost certainly scams designed to take advantage of the desperate, foolhardy and unscrupulous. None of these characteristics should ever describe a school teacher. Hopefully teacher candidates shy from finding ways to "beat the test" and rely instead upon a their work ethic and intelligence as they prepare. Study the material, know your stuff and you'll pass the test.

How many questions are on this portion of the CSET ?

There will be 26 multiple choice questions and two constructed response (essay) questions.

Where should I get started?

The best place to start is probably at the website for the CSET examination itself. There you will find information regarding the mechanics of registering for the exam, preparation materials, how to get your results, etc.

Particularly helpful materials are found at the hyperlinked pages below:

ETS/Praxis Materials

Though the Educational Testing Service (E.T.S. or the folks that brought you the S.A.T. and G.R.E.) does not construct or administer the CSET, they do offer some web resources that should prove useful for you. Many teacher candidates outside California take the Praxis exam to demonstrate subject matter competency. You can use some of the tips and practice items for this test to your benefit. See the links below.

General Tips and Strategies:

Social Studies Content Preparation Materials:

Other materials

CSETTutor: Practice Test


Other Misc. Preparation Resources:

American History:

World History:


Other useful links: (Helpful suggestions, warnings)