Observation Data

Data is monitored continually and recorded hourly. The monitoring equipment at each site includes an anemometer to monitor wind speed and direction, a temperature and humidity probe, a pyranometer to measure solar irradiance, a fuel temperature probe, a fuel moisture probe, a rain bucket, a solar panel to supply power to the system, a 12V battery, a datalogger and storage module, an antenna and HDR GOES transmitter.

To access historical observation data, please choose a station link on the left or a station on the map. Data and graphs are provided in spreadsheets, one per year for each station. Data for years 2008-2013 all underwent extensive review for quality in early 2014 and have been updated as of April, 2014. For documentation on these quality control procedures and the published data please read: README.

To access current observation data, please click on the "Current Conditions" link on the left.

San Clemente Island as seen from NASA image. NRO Old Nursery Eel Point Hoeppel OP3 OP1