Classroom Implementation Plans

Factors to consider when developing classroom implementation plans
What are your goals for your classroom implementation project?
How will you know when you have met these goals?
What, if anything, will need to be cut from your curriculum to allow time for this project?
Which classes and which students will be involved in this project?
Will this be a project for the entire class or for a select group of students?
How will you determine who will be involved in this project?
What is your research question?
What is/are your dependent variable(s)?
What is/are your independent variable(s)?
Describe your controls.
When will your classroom implementation project begin?
When will it be completed?
How much in-class and out of class time will be required?
What materials will you need for this project?
How many sets of these materials will you need?
What materials will you need to buy or borrow?
Where will you get these materials?
When will you need to order materials?
Develop handouts for students that include introduction, purpose, materials, procedure, data tables, etc.
Are there any websites that your students will need to access?
Which state standards does this meet?
How will you and your students share with others what you have done?
Will projects be completed by February 1, 2000 for inclusion in the next edition of the Journal of Student Research Activities, or will you have to wait until 2001?
Will projects be ready for the June 2000 Poster Fair at CSUN?
Will student use these projects in school, district, or county science fairs?
Will you publish your information on a web site?

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