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Michael D. Eisner College of Education

Master's Degree in Science Education

Conditions for granting credit for transferred courses

If you took M.A.-level courses at another university, you might be able to transfer
one or two as electives, but there are rules:

  1. regional accreditation needed by that university/college
  2. course was not used for any other degree
  3. course was not taken earlier than 7 years from your grad date
  4. course was three semester units (or the equivalent)
  5. course would be accepted into that university’s M.A. program (but was not used for an M.A.)
  6. course was graded (and not Cr/NC) and earned at least a “B” grade
  7. course content meets the approval of your Program Advisor as fitting the program of study here


If all of these requirements are met, the student can send the graduate advisor the unofficial copy of his/her transcripts along with an explanation of what courses he/whe wants used, and must send an official copy to A&R.