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California Science Project

Monday, July 9
Notes: Internet-based Periodic Tables Norm Herr
Biology/Chemistry Pre-Test/ Periodic Table Web Workshop

Tuesday, July 10
Periodic Table Workshops (Henry Abrash)

Wednesday, July 11
Biology of Cancer, a Vehicle for Some Basic Life Science Standards (Steve Oppenheimer)

Thursday, July 12
Evolution/Biodiversity (Gini Vandergon)
Notes: Biodiversity_7-12-01_lec.doc
Notes: CSP_7-12-01_outline.rtf
Notes: Quest_for_CSP_first_day.doc

Friday, July 13
Malibu Lagoon Field Experiments/ Field Trip (Gini Vandergon)

Monday, July 16
Cell Biology (Gini Vandergon)
Notes: Cell_exercise.rtf
Notes: CSP_7-16-01_outline.rtf
Notes: CSP_cell_7-16-01_lecture.doc
Notes: Quest_for_cell.doc
Notes: Directions_Cal_Alive.doc

Tuesday, July 17
Evolution (Gini Vandergon)
Notes: CSP_7-17-01_outline.rtf
Notes: Quest_from_evolution.doc
Notes: CSP_evolution_7-17-01_lec.doc
Developing your classroom implementation plan (Herr)

Wednesday, July 18
Genetcis (Gini Vandergon)
Notes: CSP_7-18-01_outline.rtf
Notes: CSP_genetics_7-18-01_lec.doc
Notes: Directions_Hands_OnGenetics.doc
Notes: genetics_questions.doc

Thursday, July 19
Ecology/ Biology-Chemistry Post-Test (Gini Vandergon)
Notes: Quest_from_ecology.doc
Notes: CSP_ecology_7-19-01_lecture.doc

Friday, July 20
Santa Monica Mountains Ecology/ Field Trip (Gini Vandergon)

Monday, July 23
Physical Science/ Geoscience Pre-Test/ Forces and Motion
Science 1205

Tuesday, July 24
Science 1205

Wednesday, July 25
Science 1205

Thursday, July 26
Science 1205

Friday, July 27
Santa Monica Mountains Field Experience

Monday, July 30
Science 1205

Tuesday, July 31
Science 1205

Wednesday, August 1
Marine Geology
Science 1205

Thursday, August 2
Natural Hazards/ Physical Science-Geology Post-Test
Science 1205

Friday, August 3
Santa Monica Mountains Field Experience

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July 9-August 3, 2001
Unless otherwise specified, all sessions are from 1:00 PM-5:00 PM.
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