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Michael D. Eisner College of Education

California Science Project

2000 Summer Institute

Overview of SFVSP 2000 four-week summer workshop (July 5- 28)






Cell biology
Mitochondria, energy, and enzymes.
Gr. 7 #1a-f;
Gr. 9-12 Bio
#1a-c, g

Cell biology

Genes and expression
Gr. 8 #6a-c;
Gr. 9-12 Bio
#1d-e, h, #4a-f*


Meiosis and Mendelian Genetics
Gr. 7 #2a-e;
Gr. 9-12 Bio #2a-g, #3a-d*


Recombinant DNA and biotechnology
Gr. 9-12 Bio

Biotechnology company visits
(Culminating experience)


Circulation & respiration
Gr. 7#5ab,#6j;
Gr. 9-12 Bio


Nerve conduction and hormones
Gr. 7#5g;
Gr. 9-12 Bio
#9b-e, i*


Digestion & excretion
Gr. 9-12 Bio
#9b-c, f*-g*, i*


Medical devices
Gr. 7 #6a-j
Gr. 9-12 Bio
#9h*, #10b

Biomedical device
company visits
(Culminating experience)

Plate tectonics

Ocean floor
Gr. 6 #1a-c;
Gr. 9-12 ES#3a

Plate tectonics
Plate boundaries
Gr. 6 #1a-c;

Gr. 9-12 ES#3b

Plate tectonics
Properties of rocks
Gr. 7 #4c-f;
Gr. 9-12 ES#3c

Plate tectonics
Gr. 6 #1d-g, #2d;
Gr. 9-12 ES#3d,e

Santa Monica Mountains field trip
(Culminating experience)

Plate tectonics
Volcano types
Gr. 6 #1e, #2d, #4c;
Gr. 9-12 ES#3e

Plate tectonics
Volcano locations and
Gr. 6 #1f
Gr. 9-12 ES#3f*

California geology

California resources
Gr. 6 #6a-c;
Gr. 7 #4a-b;
Gr. 9-12 ES#9a,c

California geology
Natural hazards
Gr. 9-12 ES#9b,d*

Roadside Geology field trip
(Culminating experience)

Over the four weeks, the workshop will extend to 96 hours of contact.  An additional 18 contact hours are planned for follow-up work with the 40 teachers during the academic year
            For participants, the overall academic year includes the summer workshop, evaluations of implementation and follow-up reunions (three-hour sessions) as described below:
Month            Site activity
July-August            4-week summer workshop
September            Follow-up letter from site team
October      Classroom visits by evaluators and site visitors, first reunion
November            Second reunion, presentation of student work
December            Follow-up letter from site team, third reunion
January            Preliminary findings of evaluators sent to teachers, fourth reunion
February            Fifth reunion, discussion of site evaluation
March            Follow-up letter and final evaluation instruments sent
April            Final report from evaluators, sixth reunion