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Michael D. Eisner College of Education

California Science Project

PBL Final Project Rubric

4 3 2 1
Quality of Understanding: Accuracy of ideas, facts, statements (assertions) about interactions and causal chains
Response is complete and correct Mostly correct with no major errors, misconceptions or omissions. May contain up to 3 minor inaccuracies. Partially correct with one or two significant omissions, content errors or more than 4 minor errors. Misconceptions about key content in Earth system interactions
Depth of Reasoning: Clarity and focus of supportable ideas, interactions and systemic relationships
Predicts future effects (e.g. positive feedback) or transfers understanding to evaluate other situations or recommends remediation (e.g. negative feedback) Explains the processes responsible for the causal chains (S>S>S) in the event or context from a scientific perspective
Describes interactions using cause and effect connections including secondary effects that unfold over time, event> sphere>sphere
Describes what is happening in the system, including characteristics and direct effects of the event or context (event>sphere)
Evidence: Scope, detail and accuracy of the evidence supporting the relationship statements
Builds on data from reliable sources by manipulating the data to support claims (charts, graphs, maps, etc.) or refuting opposing positions with data or discussing ambiguity or error in the data Supports statements with data from reliable sources. Uses quantitative and qualitative data appropriately Accurately uses and cites quantitative and qualitative data from reliable sources Uses only quantitative or qualitative data or lacks adequate support for statements, or lacks citations for some statements
Science Writing: ESS analyses is communicated clearly.
Uses graphics (diagrams, graphs, pictures, video, etc) to support the text or has exemplary overview of the thesis or the writing style is particularly vivid, compelling, or creative Builds ideas across paragraphs and sections to support the main ideas Paragraphs support the main ideas/ thesis. Sentence structure sometimes interferes with meaning. The thesis/main ideas about the interactions are clearly stated. Grammatical errors do not interfere with the meaning.


Complete a final ESS analysis on same topic you analyzed in the 1st orientation assignment.

We need to see how much you have learned about Earth system science. Please do your best on an ESS analysis on the same topic you used in the orientation. We will compare the rubric ratings for those two ESS analyses as pre/post measures to show how much your thinking about Earth systems science has grown.