Presidential Archives

This website provides a historical archive of online communications of past presidents of California State University, Northridge, dating back to 1994 when the University website was launched.

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Archive of Online Presidential Communications

This website archives the public letters, speeches, and other communications of some of the past chief executives of California State University, Northridge. The archive consolidates communications accessible online, dating to 1994 when the President's Office website launched. This archive is presented for historical purposes only and is not intended to be a comprehensive archive of all past communications by the university's presidents.

Presidential Transition (2011-12)


Interim President Harry Hellenbrand (2012)


President Jolene Koester (2000–2011)


Interim President Louanne Kennedy (1999–2000)


President Blenda Wilson (1992–1999)


President James Cleary (1962-1992)


President Ralph Prator (1958-1968)


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