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Contact Information

Sierra Hall 306E


Publications & Presentations

Office Hours

7:30-8 am Mon/Wed - OV 025
9:30-10:30 am Mon/Wed - SH 306e
or by arrangement

Spring 2018 Courses

PSY 460: Counseling & Interview
PSY 492: Honors Prof Develop
PSY 581: Teaching of Psy

Other Courses I Teach

PSY 692: Grad Research Methods
PSY 660: Seminar in Counseling
PSY 321/L: Research Methods & Lab
PSY 442: Comm. & Conflict Resol.
PSY 301: Psych Preprofessional
PSY 150: Intro to Psy

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Who is the Plunk?lavalamp

Well, in case you are wondering, I began my existence on earth in the mid 1960s. Since that time, I have had an interesting and eventful life. I started washing dishes at Dan-N-Bakes Cafe when I was in 6th grade, and I have been working ever since. Some of the jobs I have held include:

  • 14-18 years old
    • Maintenance man and waiter at a hotel (4 years)
    • Bowling alley worker (4 years)
    • Oil field supply worker (2 years)
  • 19-25 years old Lifeguard (3 summers)
    • Water Production Plant Worker (euphemism for ditch digger) (1 summer)
    • Bartender (6 years)
    • Wheat farmer (4 years) - that would be low till, conservation farming, for those in the know
    • Public school teacher (3 years) - speech, drama, debate, yearbook, newspaper, math, and psychology
  • 25 years old to present
    • Counselor (3 years)
    • Speaker (all my life, but it wasn't until I was 25 that I realized I could get paid for it - Woo hoo! What a bonus!)
    • University professor (until I retire)

I love...

  • Being friendly and kind for no particular reason
  • Helping and/or mentoring others
  • Hiking, kayaking, fishing, and ironing, but not at the same time (well, there was that one time, but my clothes got soaked)
  • Traveling - I spend a lot of time at my place in Belize, Central America
  • Photography - yes, I am a digital man
  • Country western dancing - yee haw!
  • Flower gardening - yes, flower gardening!
  • Writing poetry
  • Acting in plays
  • Acting silly

I value people who...

  • Are honest
  • Have confidence
  • Are comfortable being quirky and/or silly
  • Like to laugh (even at themselves)
  • Are adventuresome
  • Appreciate diversity
  • Love to learn
  • Try to make the world a better place

I believe...

  • If you invest your energy in good people, you will never be sorry or alone.
  • Good people/friends can make an unpleasant place seem like paradise.
  • People are stronger than they realize.
  • Life is 10% what happens, and 90% how we perceive and react.
  • The world is here to be explored and experienced.
  • It is important to balance your life, so enjoy life!

Interesting honors...

  • First place shipbuilding contest - 1st grade (between you and I, my dad built the ship - sshhh, our secret)
  • Oklahoma State Bowling Champion - high school
  • "Mr. Cinderfella Pageant" winner in college - my talent was juggling, my formal wear and bathing suit resembled a "Nerd"
  • "Outstanding Actor" for the lead role in a play called "The Nerd." Hm...there seems to be a pattern developing here
  • "Darn Good Guy Award" - awarded in 2000 by some very thoughtful students

In memory of my Grandparents