Gender and Women's Studies

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Gender and Women's Studies


The Gender & Women’s Studies Department at CSUN emphasizes interdisciplinary, cross-cultural and transnational studies with a focus on gender.

It includes course work in feminist theories, women and social movements, transnational feminisms, women of color feminisms, decolonial and postcolonial feminisms, women’s economic conditions in the context of globalization and development, productions of women in the media and literature, queer studies, women’s health and masculinity studies.

The major and minor provide a background for various careers such as law, counseling and healthcare or advanced graduate degrees in fields such as Gender Studies, Women’s Studies, education, communication, political, cultural and media studies.

Department Mission

We see our department as a force for change in California, in the nation as a whole, and in the world, change which strives to achieve social justice, deepen democracy, and create world peace. 

We do this by offering students an outstanding undergraduate education in Gender & Women’s Studies. Courses in Gender & Women’s Studies are taught by faculty from numerous disciplines and different parts of the world. Our international and diverse faculty members provide excellent teaching, engaged mentoring, cutting-edge research and scholarship, and provide valuable community service locally and globally.  Read More

The Gender and Women's Studies & Women's Research and Resource Center Statement on recent Executive Orders

The Department of Gender & Women’s Studies and the Women’s Research and Resource Center are deeply concerned with the effect that the executive orders of the Trump administration will have on our students, faculty, and staff and the rest of the country. President Trump has taken the first steps to repeal the Affordable Care Act that can leave 20 million of us without health coverage and has promised to defund Planned Parenthood; reintroduced the Global Gag Rule that restricts US funding to NGOs that provide abortion education and procedures risking the lives of millions of women in the global South; he reauthorized the Keystone XL Pipeline and the Dakota Access Pipeline construction violating the sanctity of Native lands and endangered the water sources for future generations; he has ordered the building of a wall along the Mexican border that will cost billions of dollars; while empowering law enforcement to act as immigration officers and expanding significantly the number of border patrols; he also has the intention of prohibiting federal funding to sanctuary cities like Los Angeles. His most recent 90-day ban on travelers and refugees entering the United States from seven Muslim countries (Libya, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen), even those with a visa or a permanent residence status is not only unconstitutional, but also reminiscent of some of the darkest periods of US and European history.

We want to reassure our students that the Department of Gender & Women’s Studies and the Women’s Research and Resource Center will continue with its mission to achieve social justice for all, fight white supremacist policies, deepen our democracy, and create world peace. We will continue with our efforts of helping our students to become compassionate and critical thinkers. More than ever we need to elevate our historical and moral consciousness and work together for a better world. Another US is possible.

The Gender and Women's Studies and Women's Research and Resource Center Statement on Sexual Violence

In light of the recent reports of sexual violence  on and around the CSUN campus (see crime alerts issued 9/26/15, 10/3, 10/11), the Gender and Women's Studies Department and the Women's Research and Resource Center express our outrage and concern at the multiple incidents of rape and sexual assault that have occurred in our midst over a short period of time. Every student deserves to be safe. These incidents highlight a need for an urgent community dialogue around rape culture nationally and on our campus, raising awareness about the pervasiveness of sexual violence, as well as ensuring our students safety and access to information and resources. Read More