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Michael D. Eisner College of Education

Accelerated Collaborative Teacher Education Program

ACT Program Components

Each semester of coursework consists of three components: a common core designed for all credential candidates, specialization coursework, and field experiences.


The Common Core

The Common Core is comprised of two courses, required for all ACT candidates, that provides a foundation of knowledge and skills in educational practices with an emphasis on diverse urban learners. The Core focuses on themes that are introduced in the first semester and revisited in the second semester, providing a deeper level of understanding and opportunity for reflection.

Specialization Courses

Building on the Common Core, specialization courses are provided each semester in elementary, secondary, and special education. These courses focus on the methods of teaching and linking coursework to fieldwork.


Fieldwork is an integral part of the ACT Program. Teacher candidates complete two assignments: fieldwork and/or beginning student teaching in the first semester and student teaching in the second semester that increases in duration and intensity. Teacher candidates are assigned to experienced teachers who are recommended by school/university faculty. Each field experience is linked to a seminar where teacher candidates are encouraged to draw from their field experiences as they examine theory and pedagogy, apply knowledge to their own situations, and reflect upon their practices.