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38Hut of Romulus on the Palatine burnt (rebuilding)
36Triumph: Cn. Domitius Calvinus rebuilds the Regia in the Forum
Nov. 13: Ovatio of Octavian over Sextus Pompeius: gilded columna rostrata in the Forum
Palatine: Consecration of the site of the Temple of Apollo [dedication on October 9, 28]
The People resolve to build a house for Octavian.
35House and Gardens of Maecenas on the Esquiline
34Triumph: T. Statilius Taurus (June 30): theater in the Campus Martius (dedicated in 30 B.C.)
After July 1: Paullus Aemilius Lepidus dedicates the Basilica Aemilia (work in progress since 55)
Triumph: C. Sosius, an Antonian (September 3): a shrine of Apollo
33Marcus Agrippa is Aedile:
  • repair of buildings, sewers and streets
  • (Re)building of aqueducts: Aquae Julia, Anio Vetus, Appia, Marcia
  • fountains
  • dolphins placed on the Spina in the Circus Maximus
Octavian: the Porticus Octavia in the Campus Martius (from the spoils of the Dalmatian War)
Triumph: L. Marcius Philippus (April 26): Temple of Heracles Musarum in the Campus Martius, with its Portico
Triumph: L. Cornificius (December 3): Temple of Diana on the Aventine
32Flood: The Pons Sublicius is washed away.
Octavian: rebuilds the Temple of Jupiter Feretrius on the Capitoline.
31Fire: The Circus Maximus, Temple of Ceres, Libera and Libera, and the Temple of Spes are destroyed (Dio 50. 10.3)
30Octavian (after Actium): decrees for a triumphal arch in the Forum; the adornment of the Temple of Divus Iulius with rostra
Statilius Taurus: Dedication of his theater
  • August 13: Triple Triumph: Dalmatia, Actium, Egypt
  • Dedication of the Curia Julia
  • August 18: Dedication of the Temple of Divus Julius.
  • restoration of 82 temples in the City
  • beginning of the erection of the Mausoleum Augusti
  • October 9: dedication of the Temple of Apollo
  • games in honor of Actium in a temporary wooden stadium (Dio 53. 1.4)
Triumph: May 26: C. Calvisius Sabinus, who rebuilds the Via Latina.
27January 13: Restoration of the Republic

January 16: honors voted to Augustus, and decoration of his house

Restoration of the Via Flaminia, from Rome to Rimini (from the manubiae of the triumphs of 29)
26Agrippa; dedication of teh Saepta Julia in the Campus Martius
25Agrippa: completes the Porticus Argonautarum, the Laconicum Sudatorium, the Pantheon
(and possibly the Temple of Bonus Eventus) in the Campus Martius
Marcellus, Augustus' nephew, provides awnings for the Forum (he dies and is the first to be buried in the Mausoleum Augusti)
Octavia: his mother builds a library in memory of Marcellus in the Porticus Octaviae
Augustus: resumes work on the Theater of Marcellus (dedicated in 11)
22September 1: Augustus: dedication of the Temple of Jupiter Tonans on the Capitol
(vowed during the Cantabrian Expedition in 26)
21Lepidus and Lollius (the consuls) restore the Pons Fabricia, destroyed in the flood of 23.
Also the Horrea Lolliana and the Horti Lolliani (?)
20Augustus: obtains a decree for a Temple of Mars Ultor on the Capitol, a repository for the Parthian Standards until the completion of his Forum Augustum
The erection of the Aureum Milliarium in the Forum Romanum
19Triumph: L. Cornelius Balbus: the Theater of Balbus, the Crypta Balbi in the Campus Martius (dedicated in 13)
17May 31-June3 LUDI SAECULARES in the Campus Martius: an Altar of Dis and Proserpina.
The Theater of Marcellus is used for shows (which last two weeks beyond the official ceremonies)
16Augustus: rebuilding of the Via Appia and the Via Salaria, ex senatu consulto
Dedication of the Temple of Quirinius on the Quirinal
15Vedius Pollio (died 15) left Augustus most of his estate, for the purposes of public building: Porticus Liviae (dedicated 7 B.C.)
14Fire Basilica Aemilia burned. Flames reached the Temple of Vesta (which had to be restored)
13Ara Pacis: decree authorizing its foundation passed (July 4)
Balbus: dedication of the Theatrum Balbi in Campo
12Augustus: named Pontifex Maximus. He made part of his residence public property, while the Domus Publica was assigned to the Vestal Virgins; a shrine of Vesta was established on the Palatine (April 28)
Agrippa died late in March: he left his gardens and Bath to the People of Rome
Fire The hut of Romulus burned
The Pyramid of Cestius completed before the death of Agrippa
The Pons Aemilius rebuilt by Augustus (between 12 and 2) including an arch
11Augustus: dedication of the Theater of Marcellus
statues of salus Publica, Concordia, Pax
10Augustus: altar and shrine to Mercury on the Esquiline (New Year's gifts)
Obelisks: horologium, Circus Maximus
9Augustus: January 30: Dedication of Ara Pacis Augustae
Altar of Vulcan (erected from New Year's gifts)
Temple of Jupiter on the Capitol damaged by lightning
Lex de Aqueductibus passed on May 31
Senate decrees an arch for Drusus on the Via Appia
8Augustus: the Census, extension of the Pomoerium, division of the City into fourteen Regiones (maybe done in 7), delimitation of the banks of the Tiber
Deaths of Maecenas and of Horace (who was buried extremis Esquilinis
7January 1: Triumph of Tiberius (cos II)
Temple of Concordia opened (begun in 10)
Fire destroyed the Temple of Castor and many other buildings in the Forum area (Dio 55. 8.5)
6Temple of Castor repaired and dedicated by Tiberius
2February 5: Augustus named Pater Patriae
August 1: Dedication of The Forum Augustum and the Temple of Mars Ultor
The Julia Scandal
A.D. 5/9Altar to the Numen Augusti dedicated by Tiberius Caesar
A.D. 6Aedes Castoris et Pollucis dedicated
A.D. 7August 10: Altar of Ops and Ceres in the Vicus Jugarius founded
A.D. 10Aedes Concordiae Augustae in the Forum dedicated
A.D. 13Signum Iustitiae Augustae dedicated
A.D. 14August 19: Death of Augustus
September 17: Divine honors granted to Augustus by Decree of the Senate
Inscribing and posting of the Res Gestae Divi Augusti, last edited in A. D. 13

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Plans and drawings of some Augustan buildings
Plans and drawings

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