first page of Gauss's Summatio quarumdam serierum singularium

The page reproduced above is from Gauss,
and concerns what we now call Gauss sums,
which crop up often in my work.

Daniel J. Katz

Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics
California State University, Northridge

I investigate problems in number theory and discrete
mathematics, often motivated by information theory.

Some of my recent work includes a proof for finite fields
of characteristic 2 and 3 of a conjecture of Helleseth (1971)
concerning crosscorrelations of maximal linear recursive
sequences (or equivalently, about Weil sums of binomials
binomials, nonlinearity of finite field permutations, or
weights in certain error-correcting codes).

In a similar area, Philippe Langevin and I proved a conjecture
of Dobbertin, Helleseth, Kumar, and Martinsen (2001) that
asserts the existence of an infinite a three-valued family of
Weil sums of binomials. This is the tenth infinite family
discovered since 1966.

Tor Helleseth, Chunlei Li, and I settled the final part of the
last conjecture in Niho's thesis (1972), which also concerns
Weil sums that determine crosscorrelations, nonlinearity,
and weights in in codes.

Jonathan Jedwab, Kai-Uwe Schmidt, and I have settled con-
jectures of Høholdt-Jensen (1988), Borwein-Choi-Jedwab (2004),
Parker (2005), Yu-Gong (2007), and Jedwab-Schmidt (2010) on
the asymptotic L4 norm of certain families of Littlewood
polynomials. In doing so, we break a record (which stood for
over two decades) for the lowest known asymptotic mean-square
autocorrelation for binary sequences.


I organize the CSUN Algebra, Number Theory, and Discrete Math Seminar


  1. (with Courtney van der Linden) Peak Sidelobe Level and Peak Crosscorrelation of Golay-Rudin-Shapiro Sequences
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          arXiv: 2108.07318 [cs.IT] (data and code for verification can be found here)

  2. (with T. Helleseth and C. Li) The resolution of Niho's last conjecture concerning sequences, codes, and Boolean functions
         IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 67(10): 6952-6962 (2021).
          arXiv: 2006.12239 [math.NT] (Sage code with verification of decomposition in Lemma 5.2 included here)

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Contact Information

      Department of Mathematics
      California State University, Northridge
      18111 Nordhoff Street
      Northridge, CA 91328-8313

      telephone: (818) 677-2712

      email: [my first name] [dot] [my last name] [at] csun [dot] edu