Data for Crosscorrelation of Rudin-Shapiro-like polynomials

The paper can be found at: D. J. Katz, S. Lee, and S. A. Trunov, Crosscorrelation of Rudin-Shapiro-like Polynomials, Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis, 48(2): 513-538 (2020).

A preprint version is available at: arXiv: 1702.07697 [cs.IT]

The work of Katz, Lee, and Trunov on this paper and the accompanying materials here was supported in part by the National Science Foundation under Grant DMS 1500856.

Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

If you are interested in using any code or data presented here for your research, please contact me at email: [my first name] [dot] [my last name] [at] csun [dot] edu

A detailed description of the data files and the programs used to obtain them is readme.txt. In brief, data is presented for seed lengths 1 to 52 in Minimizing mode and lengths 1 to 28 in Unrestricted mode. In Minimizing mode, the crosscorrelation is only computed among Rudin-Shapiro-like sequence families that have minimum asymptotic aperiodic autocorrelation demerit factor among families arising from seeds of the same length, while in Unrestricted mode, crosscorrelation is computed among all Rudin-Shapiro-like sequence families arising from seeds of the same length. The data for Table 1 of the paper can be found in the Phase 3 (Collection) data files for the Minimizing runs. The data for Table 2 of the paper can be found in the Phase 5 (Finalization) data files for the Unrestricted runs. The data for Table 3 of the paper can be found in the Phase 5 (Finalization) files for the Minimizing runs.

Minimizing Runs
Seed LengthPhase 1 (Generation)Phase 3 (Collection)Phase 5 (Finalization)
1 rs-1-m-g-34-18.txt rs-1-m-c-34-18.txt rs-1-m-f-18-1.txt
2 rs-2-m-g-34-18.txt rs-2-m-c-34-18.txt rs-2-m-f-18-1.txt
3 rs-3-m-g-34-18.txt rs-3-m-c-34-18.txt rs-3-m-f-18-1.txt
4 rs-4-m-g-34-18.txt rs-4-m-c-34-18.txt rs-4-m-f-18-1.txt
5 rs-5-m-g-34-18.txt rs-5-m-c-34-18.txt rs-5-m-f-18-1.txt
6 rs-6-m-g-34-18.txt rs-6-m-c-34-18.txt rs-6-m-f-18-1.txt
7 rs-7-m-g-34-18.txt rs-7-m-c-34-18.txt rs-7-m-f-18-1.txt
8 rs-8-m-g-34-18.txt rs-8-m-c-34-18.txt rs-8-m-f-18-1.txt
9 rs-9-m-g-34-18.txt rs-9-m-c-34-18.txt rs-9-m-f-18-1.txt
10 rs-10-m-g-34-18.txt rs-10-m-c-34-18.txt rs-10-m-f-18-1.txt
11 rs-11-m-g-34-18.txt rs-11-m-c-34-18.txt rs-11-m-f-18-1.txt
12 rs-12-m-g-34-18.txt rs-12-m-c-34-18.txt rs-12-m-f-18-1.txt
13 rs-13-m-g-34-18.txt rs-13-m-c-34-18.txt rs-13-m-f-18-1.txt
14 rs-14-m-g-34-18.txt rs-14-m-c-34-18.txt rs-14-m-f-18-1.txt
15 rs-15-m-g-34-18.txt rs-15-m-c-34-18.txt rs-15-m-f-18-1.txt
16 rs-16-m-g-34-18.txt rs-16-m-c-34-18.txt rs-16-m-f-18-1.txt
17 rs-17-m-g-34-18.txt rs-17-m-c-34-18.txt rs-17-m-f-18-1.txt
18 rs-18-m-g-34-18.txt rs-18-m-c-34-18.txt rs-18-m-f-18-1.txt
19 rs-19-m-g-34-18.txt rs-19-m-c-34-18.txt rs-19-m-f-18-1.txt
20 rs-20-m-g-34-18.txt rs-20-m-c-34-18.txt rs-20-m-f-18-1.txt
21 rs-21-m-g-34-18.txt rs-21-m-c-34-18.txt rs-21-m-f-18-1.txt
22 rs-22-m-g-34-18.txt rs-22-m-c-34-18.txt rs-22-m-f-18-1.txt
23 rs-23-m-g-34-18.txt rs-23-m-c-34-18.txt rs-23-m-f-18-1.txt
24 rs-24-m-g-34-18.txt rs-24-m-c-34-18.txt rs-24-m-f-18-1.txt
25 rs-25-m-g-34-18.txt rs-25-m-c-34-18.txt rs-25-m-f-18-1.txt
26 rs-26-m-g-34-18.txt rs-26-m-c-34-18.txt rs-26-m-f-18-1.txt
27 rs-27-m-g-34-18.txt rs-27-m-c-34-18.txt rs-27-m-f-18-1.txt
28 rs-28-m-g-34-18.txt rs-28-m-c-34-18.txt rs-28-m-f-18-1.txt
29 rs-29-m-g-34-18.txt rs-29-m-c-34-18.txt rs-29-m-f-18-1.txt
30 rs-30-m-g-34-18.txt rs-30-m-c-34-18.txt rs-30-m-f-18-1.txt
31 rs-31-m-g-34-18.txt rs-31-m-c-34-18.txt rs-31-m-f-18-1.txt
32 rs-32-m-g-34-18.txt rs-32-m-c-34-18.txt rs-32-m-f-18-1.txt
33 rs-33-m-g-34-18.txt rs-33-m-c-34-18.txt rs-33-m-f-18-1.txt
34 rs-34-m-g-34-18.txt rs-34-m-c-34-18.txt rs-34-m-f-18-1.txt
35 rs-35-m-g-34-18.txt rs-35-m-c-34-18.txt rs-35-m-f-18-1.txt
36 rs-36-m-g-34-18.txt rs-36-m-c-34-18.txt rs-36-m-f-18-1.txt
37 rs-37-m-g-34-18.txt rs-37-m-c-34-18.txt rs-37-m-f-18-1.txt
38 rs-38-m-g-34-18.txt rs-38-m-c-34-18.txt rs-38-m-f-18-1.txt
39 rs-39-m-g-34-18.txt rs-39-m-c-34-18.txt rs-39-m-f-18-1.txt
40 rs-40-m-g-34-18.txt rs-40-m-c-34-18.txt rs-40-m-f-18-1.txt
41 rs-41-m-g-34-17.txt rs-41-m-c-34-17.txt rs-41-m-f-17-1.txt
42 rs-42-m-g-34-17.txt rs-42-m-c-34-17.txt rs-42-m-f-17-2.txt
43 rs-43-m-g-34-17.txt rs-43-m-c-34-17.txt rs-43-m-f-17-1.txt
44 rs-44-m-g-34-17.txt rs-44-m-c-34-17.txt rs-44-m-f-17-1.txt
45 rs-45-m-g-34-17.txt rs-45-m-c-34-17.txt rs-45-m-f-17-1.txt
46 rs-46-m-g-34-17.txt rs-46-m-c-34-17.txt rs-46-m-f-17-3.txt
47 rs-47-m-g-34-17.txt rs-47-m-c-34-17.txt rs-47-m-f-17-1.txt
48 rs-48-m-g-34-17.txt rs-48-m-c-34-17.txt rs-48-m-f-17-1.txt
49 rs-49-m-g-34-17.txt rs-49-m-c-34-17.txt rs-49-m-f-17-1.txt
50 rs-50-m-g-34-17.txt rs-50-m-c-34-17.txt rs-50-m-f-17-4.txt
51 rs-51-m-g-34-17.txt rs-51-m-c-34-17.txt rs-51-m-f-17-1.txt
52 rs-52-m-g-34-17.txt rs-52-m-c-34-17.txt rs-52-m-f-17-1.txt
Unrestricted Runs
Seed LengthPhase 1 (Generation)Phase 3 (Collection)Phase 5 (Finalization)
1 rs-1-u-g-34-17.txt rs-1-u-c-34-17.txt rs-1-u-f-17-1.txt
2 rs-2-u-g-34-17.txt rs-2-u-c-34-17.txt rs-2-u-f-17-1.txt
3 rs-3-u-g-34-17.txt rs-3-u-c-34-17.txt rs-3-u-f-17-1.txt
4 rs-4-u-g-34-17.txt rs-4-u-c-34-17.txt rs-4-u-f-17-1.txt
5 rs-5-u-g-34-17.txt rs-5-u-c-34-17.txt rs-5-u-f-17-1.txt
6 rs-6-u-g-34-17.txt rs-6-u-c-34-17.txt rs-6-u-f-17-1.txt
7 rs-7-u-g-34-17.txt rs-7-u-c-34-17.txt rs-7-u-f-17-1.txt
8 rs-8-u-g-34-17.txt rs-8-u-c-34-17.txt rs-8-u-f-17-1.txt
9 rs-9-u-g-34-17.txt rs-9-u-c-34-17.txt rs-9-u-f-17-1.txt
10 rs-10-u-g-34-17.txt rs-10-u-c-34-17.txt rs-10-u-f-17-1.txt
11 rs-11-u-g-34-17.txt rs-11-u-c-34-17.txt rs-11-u-f-17-1.txt
12 rs-12-u-g-34-17.txt rs-12-u-c-34-17.txt rs-12-u-f-17-1.txt
13 rs-13-u-g-34-17.txt rs-13-u-c-34-17.txt rs-13-u-f-17-1.txt
14 rs-14-u-g-34-17.txt rs-14-u-c-34-17.txt rs-14-u-f-17-1.txt
15 rs-15-u-g-34-17.txt rs-15-u-c-34-17.txt rs-15-u-f-17-1.txt
16 rs-16-u-g-34-17.txt rs-16-u-c-34-17.txt rs-16-u-f-17-1.txt
17 rs-17-u-g-34-17.txt rs-17-u-c-34-17.txt rs-17-u-f-17-1.txt
18 rs-18-u-g-34-17.txt rs-18-u-c-34-17.txt rs-18-u-f-17-1.txt
19 rs-19-u-g-34-17.txt rs-19-u-c-34-17.txt rs-19-u-f-17-1.txt
20 rs-20-u-g-34-17.txt rs-20-u-c-34-17.txt rs-20-u-f-17-2.txt
21 rs-21-u-g-34-17.txt rs-21-u-c-34-17.txt rs-21-u-f-17-3.txt
22 rs-22-u-g-34-17.txt rs-22-u-c-34-17.txt rs-22-u-f-17-5.txt
23 rs-23-u-g-34-17.txt rs-23-u-c-34-17.txt rs-23-u-f-17-9.txt
24 rs-24-u-g-34-17.txt rs-24-u-c-34-17.txt rs-24-u-f-17-17.txt
25 rs-25-u-g-34-17.txt rs-25-u-c-34-17.txt rs-25-u-f-17-33.txt
26 rs-26-u-g-34-17.txt rs-26-u-c-34-17.txt rs-26-u-f-17-65.txt
27 rs-27-u-g-34-17.txt rs-27-u-c-34-17.txt rs-27-u-f-17-129.txt
28 rs-28-u-g-34-17.txt rs-28-u-c-34-17.txt rs-28-u-f-17-257.txt

The three versions of the program used to produce the data files are described in readme.txt. The executable code, compiled for the AMD64 architecture under GNU/Linux, is presented here.
Version AVersion BVersion C