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Mindfulness Monday


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Feeling overwhelmed? Need a break from the noise and chaos of everyday life?

Come join us for a meditation session, every Monday at noon on ZOOM all summer long!



Melanie Mamakos

For group meditation sessions, I start with a “cognitive” portion – where I gain information on what each individual’s goals or objectives are for the session. The actual meditation session begins with a progressive relaxation technique, followed by guided imagery based on the stated goals/objectives and several “deepening techniques” and/or “anchors”  to keep the participants “mindful” and in the present. The methods used are very simple to remember and it is very easy for the guests to implement the techniques on their own -  whenever they need to relax, center, and focus. To learn a little bit more about my practice, please feel free to visit my website

David Boyns

David Boyns has practiced in the tradition of Zen meditation for over 25 years. Leading Mindfulness Mondays workshops, he works with meditation practice techniques like following the breath, body scan, and slow moving / walking meditation. Participants in the session can expect to learn and practice simple meditation techniques that can be used to establish a daily practice, and promote relaxation, stress reduction, and increased concentration.

Regina Mance

I am a Relaxation Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Wellness Coach. I practice Lifestyle Medicine through mindful meditation and stress reduction therapy. My guided meditation practice incorporates mantras, movement and breath-work. The foundation of every session embodies compassion, empowerment and love. Let's experience serenity together.

Gina Marie

“With mindfulness and meditation it’s possible to observe who we are and decide who we want to be. With focus and practice we can change our lives in amazing ways. And meditation doesn't have to be practiced solo. Sometimes it's easier and more fun to practice within a group. Share the journey. Join us Monday for a guided group meditation and let’s try to release some stress and enhance our well-being together!’

Matt Reinig

Most guided meditations are lead verbally, but what about visually?  The power of a visual story can have the same calming effects we all love.  Join in for a visual guided meditation by Matt Reinig.  Matt discovered the power of meditation in 2014. Inspired by this discovery, Matt started teaching the power of mindfulness meditation in 2017 to deaf and non-signers alike!


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