Partnership for Reseach and Education in Materials

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Partnership for Research and Education in Materials

Welcome to PREM Center

Fostering Innovation and Education in Computational Materials Science

NSF logoThis PREM is a partnership between the multidisciplinary W. M. Keck Computational Materials Theory Center at California State University Northridge, a Hispanic-serving institution, and the Princeton Center for Complex Materials, the NSF-funded Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) at Princeton University.


  1. to initiate and expand collaborations on research and education of Quantum Materials.
  2. to broaden participation in materials research and education through recruitment, retention and outreach programs involving high school and community college students and teachers, undergraduate and graduate students.
  3. to leverage and harness the intellectual power and research infrastructure to address grand challenges in Quantum Materials research.
  4. to promote accessibility of multidisciplinary cutting-edge research and education experience to underrepresented groups.
  5. to stimulate and develop strong industrial-university-national laboratory partnerships in materials research.


The research emphasis will be on the development of physical models, numerical algorithms and robust simulation techniques for the study of:

  1. Quantum Phenomena in Topological and Strongly Correlated Materials.
  2. Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Properties of Hybrid Two-Dimensional Materials 
  3. Data Enabled Discovery of Novel Materials for Photovoltaic, Spintronic and Catalytic Applications.

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