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  • Sanborn Map of LA Plaza

    Oviatt Library Map Collection

  • Topo map of Zelzah
  • Image of San Francisco topo map
  • Map of Mexico
  • Street Map of Pacoima
  • Title Insurance Map
  • World Wonders 1939 Map



The Map Collection adheres to all applicable Oviatt Library policies. Some additional policies are outlined below. 


Reading Room Collection (Books, Atlases, & Reference): The books and atlases within the reading room are cataloged and can be searched in OneSearch. Materials are non-circulating and may be used within the reading room during normal business hours.

Government Documents Collections: The Map Library is a participant in the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) and holds government maps from the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the Army Mapping Service (AMS), National Park Service (NPS), among others. Access to government documents is guaranteed by public law (Title 44 United States Code). Please contact Map Library staff for research assistance and to access the collections.

Other Cartographic Collections: Most other cartographic collections (historical maps, aerial photos) are maintained in closed stacks and are accessible by appointment with an established research purpose. Please contact Map Collection staff to set up a research consultation.


Food and beverages are not allowed in the Map Collection Reading Room. Water in a secure lidded container is permitted only when no cartographic materials are being used, displayed, or exhibited on Reading Room tables. No food or drinks are permitted in the staff processing areas or in the closed stacks area of the Map Collection. Tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes, are prohibited. 


The Map Collection Reading Room is considered a collaborative space where noise levels will vary due to group study and interactions at the service desk. Please follow other noise policies outlined by the Oviatt Library:

  • Be considerate of others and use a conversational "indoor" tone of voice;
  • No party atmosphere, yelling, or shouting;
  • Set cell phones to vibrate;
  • Use headphones with personal media;


The Map Collection operates a large-format map scanner and plotter printer that may be used for printing, scanning, and making duplications of copyright-compliant cartographic materials. The cost-recovery fee structure for some of these services is outlined below.

ServiceCSUN Patrons
(Students, Staff, Faculty, Admin)
Non-CSUN Patrons
Aerial Photo Duplication
Medium-resolution scan (600ppi)*
 $10/item $15/item
Aerial Photo Duplication
High-resolution scan (1200ppi)*
 $15/item $20/item
Printing Maps
(Digital -> Print)
 $10/map sheet $15/map sheet
Scanning Flat Maps
(Print -> Digital)
 $10/map sheet $15/map sheet
Duplicating Maps
(Print -> Print)
 $15/map sheet $25/map sheet

Other Fees

Viewing government document maps (USGS, BLM, etc)No charge (normal reproduction fees shall apply)