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Liberal Studies

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The Department of Liberal Studies has transitioned to online services and is available to answer your questions. If you want to schedule a virtual appointment with an advisor, please call our main office at (818) 677-3300. We will respond to your request as soon as possible during regular business hours, calls will be answered during the following hours 8 am-1 pm & 2 pm-5 pm Monday through Friday.

We appreciate your understanding and patience with the high volume of calls during virtual delivery of services. If you are experiencing difficulty getting through, please continue to call (818) 677-3300.

For quick questions, please email ONE of our advisors:

Jonathan B. Martinez: (For ITEP Freshman and new student inquiries).

Martha Campos: (For ITEP Junior, Pre-Credential, and Interdisciplinary Studies inquiries and students with last names beginning with A to L).

Mary Dudley: (For ITEP Junior, Pre-Credential, and Interdisciplinary Studies inquiries and students with last names beginning with M to Z).

If you are interested in becoming a Liberal Studies Major, you can self-enroll in the Liberal Studies Canvas page where you will find links to course plans, faqs, campus resources, professional development workshops, and information on applying to the credential program and student teaching:

The Department of Liberal Studies is an interdisciplinary major which offers a degree program under the College of Humanities leading to a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies. The Liberal Studies major is designed to provide a broad, undergraduate liberal arts education, with a balance among the language arts, natural sciences and mathematics, humanities, visual and performing arts, and social sciences.

Services We Offer

The Department of Liberal Studies offers a wide variety of support services in order to advise and mentor new and continuing students towards graduation. Liberal Studies majors, Humanities minors and Sustainability minors can take advantage of the following services:

  • Academic Advisement (General Education and Major/Minor)
  • University Policy and Procedure Advisement
  • Credential Admission Preparation (ITEP)
  • Graduation Planning

Students interested in a Liberal Studies major are required to first complete a virtual information session prior to scheduling a virtual advisement appointment with an advisor.  To find the appropriate information session, select “New Students” at the top of this page.

Students interested in declaring a Humanities minor may call the Department of Liberal Studies to schedule a virtual advisement appointment.

Student interested in declaring a Sustainability minor, can schedule a virtual advising appointments online! To self-schedule please use the link below and choose: Sustainability Minor Advising as the reason for making the appointment. Advisement self-schedule link: 

For quick questions, please contact your Sustainability minor faculty advisor:  Dr. Bhakthavatsalam, Sindhuja: