Computer Science

  • server rack and sample Java programming code

Faculty Research Interests

Faculty NameArea of Research/Interest
Jack AlanenSoftware metrics; Statistical data analysis; Software fault tolerance and RMA; Management of information systems
Prasanta BarkatakiObject oriented software development; Ada and Ada 96; Software engineering; Large system development.
Assistantship Opportunity
Mike BarnesInteractive computer graphics (games, AI for NPCs, procedural modeling, visualization, virtual reality); Graphical user interfaces; Human computer interaction; Simulation.
Richard CovingtonGraphical user interfaces; Computer architectures; Simulation and performance analysis.
Steven FitzgeraldInformation technology systems and architectures; Distributed and parallel systems; Traditional CS systems (Compilers, Networking, Operating Systems, and Security)
Peter GabrovskyArtificial intelligence; Expert systems.
Adam KaplanParallel computing; Computer Technology education.
Robert LingardSoftware Engineering (especially quality assurance) and CAD/CAM.
Richard LorentzGame playing programming (especially the games of Amazons, Havannah, and Breakthrough -- with some interest in EWN and Go/WeiQi/Baduk); Discrete algorithms; Theory of Computing.
Robert McIlhennyHigh-speed architectures; Object-oriented programming; Computer ethics.
Gloria MelaraMulti-media; Video/image compression techniques. Computer ethics.
Ani NahapetianSystem security; Mobile systems; Algorithms for embedded systems
John NogaDesign and analysis of algorithms.
Son PhamDatabases; Design, optimization, OODB. Compilers for natural languages.
Diane SchwartzSoftware engineering; Discrete algorithms; Object-oriented software development.
Steven StepanekUNIX; Operating systems; Networks; Object-oriented programming.
George (Taehyung) WangSoftware engineering; Semantic computing; Data mining applications.
Jeff WiegleyAutomated assembly path planning; Geometric shape analysis; Embedded systems; Software and infrastructure applications design.