Economic Impact

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    CSUN Economic and Social Impact Study

CSUN Faculty/Staff Expenditures

Total expenditures by CSUN faculty and staff equaled $236.7 million for the 2013/2014 academic year. It is worth noting that we do not account for expenditures made by the families of faculty and staff who hail from outside the region, though they will add to the overall impact generated by University operations. Approximately 19.8% of total faculty/staff spending went toward housing, followed by automobile-related expenditures (12.6%). The percentage allocation for each spending category represents a general overview of how an average citizen would allocate his or her salary over the course of a single year. As Los Angeles County has a relatively high cost of living, the percentage allocations here depict a more conservative view of how a typical Los Angeles County resident would allocate his or her income. Nevertheless, the analysis indicates that CSUN faculty and staff contributed significantly to the economy through their spending activity and the subsequent taxes they paid on purchases.