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Capital Expenditures

Throughout the school year, CSUN undertakes various capital projects in order to maintain the quality of its campus grounds, buildings, and academic facilities. In the latest academic year, CSUN spent approximately $59.6 million on capital projects such as HVAC replacement, painting, various renovations, electrical upgrades, plumbing, and other improvements. CSUN is also currently engaged in a number of longer-term construction projects intended to further enhance the infrastructure of the University and develop CSUN’s reputation as a modern institution.

CSUN is a multifaceted institution, serving students who are local and nonlocal, residential, international, commuting, online and more, further broadening the rich diversity of its student body. This transformation has required an infusion of capital expenditures totaling $133.6 million in the 2013/14 academic year alone. Among these expenditures were $35 million for a new student housing complex and $39 million for a new facility dedicated to serving mid-career, working professionals, and international students.

Currently, CSUN reports the following planned projects:

CSUN Current and Pending Capital Projects

Planning Phase

  • Reseda Annex Renovations

  • Bldg Electrical Infrastructure Replacement

  • Oviatt Special Collection
    Phase II

  • Redundant Substation

  • Sierra Hall Renovation

  • Hotel Development

  • Redwood Hall Pool Renovation

  • Cypress Hall Roof Replacement

  • Easton Archery Range

  • EH 2210 Lab Renovations (EH 2004 Replacement)

Design Phase

  • EXL Bookstore Renovation

  • Student Housing Admin Renovation

  • Central Plant HHW
    Phase II and III

  • Campus-Wide Infrastructure Update

  • Women’s Volleyball Team Room

  • Research 1 Facility

  • EH2007 Lab Renovation

  • Sustainability Center

  • UN 165 Renovations

  • JD Autoclave

  • JD Refueling Station

  • UN 285 Renovation

Construction Phase

  • Extended Learning

  • Oviatt Special Collections
    Phase I

  • Central Plant HHW
    Phase I

  • Oviatt Elevator Replacement

  • Plummer Sidewalk

  • Solar Observatory

  • Nordhoff Hall Mechanical

  • Sierra Hall Restroom Addition

  • Campus-Wide Wireless
    Phase III

* The expenditures pertaining to the planned projects listed above are not included in this analysis, however, they are an indication of CSUN’s current and future construction activity.