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My CSUN Digital Access Program

A convenient way to provide your students with their required books & course materials ensuring course preparedness.

As the university continues to transition to offering more online/virtual learning and in preparation for Fall semester classes, CSUN and the Campus Store present myCSUNDigitalAccess, a powerful and convenient program designed to ensure students get the course materials they need to succeed prior to the first day of classes!

How does myCSUNDigitalAccess work?

If your class is part of myCSUNDigitalAccess, students will have access to their materials in Canvas before the first day of class through the add/drop date. During that time, they can decide whether they want to opt out and purchase their materials another way, or continue to use the materials in Canvas. If they do not opt out, the charge will be placed on their student account 4-5 weeks after classes begin.



Need More Information?

myCSUNDigitalAccess FAQ

What is myCSUNDigitalAccess?

The myCSUNDigitalAccess program delivers required course materials digitally to students when they register for any participating courses, with integration through Canvas.  The cost of these materials will then be included on their CSUN student account after the Add/Drop period. Students can save up to 70% resulting from Follett’s deep relationships with publishing partners and bulk purchasing power. The program also reduces student stress during the purchasing process and provides a method to easily access, manage and use their course materials.

What are the Faculty Benefits? No more delays?

With myCSUNDigitalAccess, faculty can start teaching on day one instead of waiting for students to acquire their materials. Be rest assured that everyone in class will have the same materials, including edition and format, on day one, leveling the playing field so that instructors may begin teaching their chosen content right away instead of being forced to teach with “lowest common denominator” content. The CSUN Campus Store and our publishing partners will also troubleshoot and provide instructions for accessing materials, so there's no need to serve as “tech support” for any digital course materials.

How to Access Course Materials?

If your course participates in myCSUNDigital Access, students who signed up for the course will receive an email from the CSUN Campus Store the week before classes begin. The email will have a subject line of “Activate Your Digital Content,” which will contain an activation link, or “Your Digital Books Have Arrived,” which will contain an access code and directions on how to access the materials through the Canvas app.

Is there a Student "Opt-Out" Option?

While ALL students will have access to the materials for the first three weeks of class, they will have the option to Opt-Out of having access to the materials should they decide to obtain them elsewhere. If they do Opt-Out before the end of the Add/Drop period (end of Week 3), they will not be charged and their access will be removed.  Otherwise they will continue to be able to use the materials for the entire semester and the charges will be placed on their student account.