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Office of Information Technology
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Management Information Systems Association
Department of Accounting and Information Systems

California State University, Northridge

[created: May, 1994 -- updated: October, 2004]


The following list is intended to help Management Information System (MIS) students and other Information Technology (IT) professionals find key resources in the local area. These groups can provide valuable face-to-face resources for technical support and general business networking.

The task of maintaining collectively exhaustive and mutually exclusive listings of where and why individuals congregate is a difficult task. The user group references listed below are loosely organized by professional interest or affinity. In cases where there are multiple groups, the group geographically closest to California State University, Northridge is usually selected. International or national groups are listed primarily in the interest of completeness. Also, some regional or national groups are listed because the group may have an annual conference that rotates through the Southern California area. Defunct groups with at least one working web page are also listed in the interest of history. Please send additions or corrections to


Academic MIS/IT
IS Executives
IS Professionals
IS/IT Security
Application Software
Data Base Management Systems
Operating Systems Software
semi-Regional User Groups
Other Local Groups - New Media
Other Local Groups - Technical and Engineering
Other Local Groups - Business and Professional
Other Local Groups - Miscellaneous
Recurring Technical Presentations
Recurring Conferences
Recurring Area Events
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Vendor Briefings
Alumni Organizations
Non-Recurring IT Professional Forums
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Other User Group Listings

Academic MIS/IT

The following groups are generally intended for educators and others in academic-related IT areas.

Name Meeting Frequency Meeting Location Notes
Alliance for Distance Education in California annual conference ("Summit")
Association for Computers and the Humanities annual conference
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) - Los Angeles chapter monthly, except for July and August Culver City
Association for Information Systems annual conference
Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing annual conference
Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education annual conference
Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR) annual conference
California Educational Data Processing Association (CEDPA) varies quarterly SIG's, annual conference; for public-sector K-12 technologists (now defunct?)
Corporation for Education Networking Initiatives in California (CENIC) annually, Spring varies (usually in Southern California) (manage CalREN2/Internet II higher ed. networks)
Chief Information Systems Officers Association (CISOA) about quarterly for California Community College IT executives
Common Solutions Group quarterly nationwide advanced systems and technology strategies at higher education institutions
Computing Research Assocation (CRA) mostly for Computer Science academics
Computer-Using Educators (CUE) varies varies
Consortium of College and University Media Centers annual conference
Directors of Educational Technology / California Higher Education annual conference
International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE)
Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) - Southern California Chapter semi-annual varies (mostly academics)
Java in Administration - SIG semi-annual late Spring, West Coast -- late Fall, East Coast conference
OpenMash annual Summer conference (open source development for multi-cast networking)
Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE) annual conference
Southern California Innovative Users Group annually varies (primarily for Librarians)
The American Society for Information Science (ASIS) - Los Angeles chapter just about monthly varies mostly librarians and cybrarians--annual workshop/conference too!
UCI Information and Computer Science Research Symposium UC Irvine
UCLA Information Systems Colloquium monthly, during each
Academic Quarter
UC Los Angeles
Workshop for Information Systems Research and Development (WISRD) annual, Spring Lake Arrowhead small, interactive group - mostly IS/IT Ph.D. students in the So. Cal. area and some faculty

IS Executives

The following groups are generally intended for MIS executives in the Los Angeles area. Membership is generally restricted.

Name Meeting Frequency Meeting Location Notes
IS Associates about bi-monthly, one annual symposium (now in February) UCLA (Westside) senior-level IS executives; links to IS research as well.
Society for Information Management - Southern California chapter December, February, May (members only meeting in September) often Long Beach, but varies top-level presentations and contacts; generally for CIO's and senior executives only.
Software Council of Southern California (SCSC) - Valley chapter bi-monthly varies, mostly in Woodland Hills

IS Professionals

The following groups are generally intended for MIS or IT professionals. Dues and membership requirements vary widely.

Name Meeting Frequency Meeting Location Notes
Association of Contingency Planners (ACP) - Los Angeles Chapter about monthly Van Nuys
Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) - Los Angeles Chapter monthly Culver City formerly the Data Processing Management Association (DPMA); part of the California Southland Chapter
Association of Internet Professionals - Los Angeles chapter monthly varies - mostly Westside
Association of Microsoft Certified Professionals - Los Angeles chapter generally quarterly Santa Monica (now defunct?)
Association of Records and Information Management Professionals (ARMA) - Greater Los Angeles Chapter monthly varies
Association of Women in Technology - Southern California Chapter monthly varies
Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA) - Los Angeles Chapter monthly varies
California County Information Services Directors Association (CCISDA) annual Spring conference (now defunct?)
Cal Society of CPA's - Westside Technology Users Group monthly UCLA often, the topics are related to Accounting; but all meetings are excellent and informative
Caucus - Association of High Tech Procurement Professionals - Los Angeles Chapter LAX
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility - Los Angeles chapter meetings have been infrequent, group needs help continuing in LA; contact: Rodney Hoffman, +1 323-222-6618,
Data Management Association (DAMA) - Los Angeles Chapter bi-monthly South Bay local Chapter link can be intermittent - try the national organization instead.
Enterprise Content Management Association - Greater Los Angeles Chapter bi-monthly varies across LA and Orange County locations formerly known as the "Association for Information and Image Management International (AIIM)"
Geospatial Information and Technology Association - California/Nevada Chapter semi-annual varies
Help Desk Institute - Los Angeles Chapter bi-monthly?
Independent Computer Consultants Association - Southern California chapter just about monthly varies (national group as well)
IEEE Computer Society - Los Angeles Council (Region 6) monthly generally in the South Bay
Information Technology and Telecommunications Association - Los Angeles chapter monthly varies
International SGML Users Group - Southern California chapter (may be defunct)
International Webmasters Association - Santa Barbara chapter defunct? - try national organization
Knowledge Management Professionals Association (KMPA) quarterly varies (this is a fledgling group--it's not clear what the long term prognosis is...)
LAredClub monthly? West Hollywood (now defunct? - primarily for Latino's in the Entertainment Industry)
Human Factors and Ergonomics Society - Los Angeles Chapter (HFES)
Municipal Information Systems Association of California - Southern California Chapter (MISAC) bi-monthly varies
National Technical Services Association - Southern California chapter monthly Orange County
Network Professional Association - San Diego chapter monthly
Society for Competitive Intelligence - Southern California chapter
Society for Software Quality - San Diego Chapter monthly varies San Diego
Society for Technical Communication - San Fernando Valley chapter monthly varies an LA chapter as well
Southern California CALS Interest Group about quarterly varies (defunct?) contact: Ginger Stack;
Southern California Computer Measurement Group monthly varies (try also national organization)
Southern California e-Business Forum about monthly varies (formerly known as the Southern California EDI Roundtable), annual conference
Southern California Government Internet Users Group varies varies (group has been dissolved)
Southern California KM Cluster about semi-annually varies
Southern California Quality Assurance Association - San Fernando Valley chapter monthly Simi Valley (Countrywide) (LA and Orange County chapters as well
World Organization of Webmasters (WOW) - LA Chapter (defunct?); try also national organization
Women In Technology International (WITI) - Los Angeles Regional Chapter about quarterly varies
Women in Technology (WorldWIT) ad hoc varies

IS/IT Security

The following groups have a focus on cyber-security. This has always been important to IS professionals. Post- 9/11, the issue is geneeral more important to organizational executives as well.

Name Meeting Frequency Meeting Location Notes
American Society for Industrial Security - Greater Los Angeles Chapter monthly varies
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners - Los Angeles Chapter
Information Systems Audit and Control Association - Los Angeles chapter about monthly varies, The San Fernando Valley Chapter usually meets in Granada Hills excellent presentations; high-level contacts and professional atmosphere
Information Systems Security Association - Los Angeles chapter monthly varies--mostly downtown L.A.
Los Angeles Electronic Crimes Task Force (United States Secret Service) about quarterly downtown LA
Los Angeles Infragard Program (Federal Bureau of Investigation) about quarterly West LA
Snort (Intrusion Detection) User Group (S.F. Bay area) (none in L.A. yet) - check National Snort User Groups
Southern California (chapter) High Technology Crime Investigation Assocation monthly varies
Southern California Security Association (physical alarm and security companies)

Application Software

The following groups are generally focused on software from one manufacturer.

Name Meeting Frequency Meeting Location Notes
America's SAP Users Group - Southern California Chapter about quarterly varies Enterprise Resource Planning - national group is America's SAP Users Group (ASUG)
AnacapaGIS varies
Channel Islands Regional Geographic Information Systems Collaborative (CIRGIS) varies
Computer Associates - (various products)
ESRI (ArcView GIS) - Los Angeles User Group monthly Los Angeles contact: Kurt Sato,
ESRI (ArcView GIS) - Ventura User Group monthly Ventura contact: Jim Kniss,
Los Angeles ArchiCADD User Group West Hollywood monthly (general listing...some local groups meet, but don't have specific web pages)
Los Angeles Frame[maker] Users Group (LA FUN) contact: Chuck Heinrichs, +1-805-376-9824,
J.D. Edwards - Southern California about quarterly Los Angeles, Orange County several types of events
Los Angeles AutoCAD Users Group monthly Burbank contact: Michael Berman; +1 818-762-9966,
Los Angeles DataEase Users Group monthly Los Angeles contact: Contact Rey Caunca, +1 310-473-4931, ReyCaunca@AOL.COM
Los Angeles Delphi Users Group monthly West L.A.
Los Angeles .NET Users Group monthly Westside (UCLA)
Los Angeles Sybase Internet Application Tools Users Group contact: Scott McGarrigle, +1-714-751-3480;
Lotus Notes and Domino Users Group monthly West L.A.
MapInfo Users Group (Central Valley)
LA Flash (Macromedia User Group) monthly usually Hollywood
Microsoft Project Users Group - LA/Metro
Orange County CorelDraw Users Group monthly Huntington Beach
Orange County Exchange User Group monthly Newport Beach (now defunct?...other OC groups)
PeopleSoft Users Groups (Region, Industry, and Special Interest)
Primavera Users Group for Southern California various varies
Rational User Group - Los Angeles monthly Woodland Hills (now defunct?)
Rational User Group - Southern California monthly Long Beach
Southern California Microsoft Word Legal Users Group quarterly varies
Southern California Progess Software Users Group
Southern California SAS Users Group monthly Rosemead
SouthWest Regional Oracle Applications Users Group quarterly varies
Windows Media Los Angeles User Group monthly Westside (UCLA) (page doesn't load properly with Netscape v4.x)


The following groups are generally focused on one specific software language or architecture.

Name Meeting Frequency Meeting Location Notes
Extreme Programming in Southern California (XPSOCAl) monthly Fullerton Agile Programming, etc.
Greater Los Angeles Micro Focus Users Group (GLAMUG) monthly Los Angeles wide variety of meeting topics (not just COBOL), good number of SIG's too
Los Angeles area Zope Users Group (LAZUG) monthly Carson other groups
Los Angeles Java Users Group (LAJUG) monthly varies
LAJUG Westside Study Group weekly, Tuesday (except 1st Tuesday of Month) Santa Monica (these folks take one Java book, read it at home, and then come to discuss it in a group)
Obsydian Users Group of Los Angeles (object-oriented AS/400 development tool C++/RPG) bi-monthly El Segundo contact: Karen Summers, +1 818-828-5313,
Orange County Visual Basic Users Group monthly varies
Orange County VC++ User Group monthly Irvine contact: Dave Hardin, +1-714-443-1773 x252,
Perl Mongers - (Los Angeles)
Perl Mongers - (Sherman Oaks) (all of the California groups are listed here)
Southern California Cold Fusion Users Group monthly Torrance
Southern California .NET Users Group monthly Long Beach (page doesn't load properly with Netscape v4.x)
Synon User Group of Southern California (AS/400 development tool) bi-monthly El Segundo contact: Karen Summers, +1 818-828-5313,
Ventura County Java Users Group monthly Ventura

Data Base Management Systems

The following groups are generally focused on database software.

Name Meeting Frequency Meeting Location Notes
California Data Base Management Association monthly Long Beach, Orange County (mostly Pick OS)
Clarion Users Group monthly Anaheim contact: Greg Bailey, +1 909-278-1060
Los Angeles County FoxPro Developers Group (LAFOX) monthly El Segundo
Los Angeles Area DB2 Users Group monthly varies
Los Angeles Oracle Users Group quarterly Norwalk "conferences", not really "meetings"
Orange County Access Users Group monthly Orange
Pacific CICS Users Group about monthly Norwalk (disbanded in 1998)

Operating Systems Software

The following groups are generally focused on one particular operating system.

Name Meeting Frequency Meeting Location Notes
Linux at LAX monthly Torrance (at the eLinux HQ) excellent presentations
Los Angeles Linux User Groups (links to local groups)
Southern California Linux Expo annually, November (downtown LA) annual conference
Netware Users International - LANet monthly West L.A.
San Diego BSD User Group monthly
San Fernando Valley Linux Group monthly varies
Santa Clarita Valley Linux User Group monthly Canyon Country
Simi/Conejo Linux Users Group semi-monthly Simi Valley
Southern California OS/2 Users Group monthly Orange County
UNIX Users Association of Southern California - Los Angeles Chapter monthly South Bay (affiliated with The System Administrators' Guild (SAGE))


The following groups are focused on voice communications and data networking.

Name Meeting Frequency Meeting Location Notes
California Internet Service Provider Association (CISPA) more like "conferences/workshops", rather than "meetings", per se
Internet Society - Los Angeles chapter monthly varies
LA FreeNet varies varies occasionally, this non-profit, volunteer group provides classes and workshops to new users
Los Angeles Area Wireless Research Network (LAAWRN) annually varies, war-driving!
Los Angeles Windows Networking Users Group (LAWNUG) monthly Santa Monica
Pacific Bell - Consultant Support Group quarterly varies, usually Pasadena very interesting and broadly useful; latest information on PacBell's initiatives and support
Society for Internet Advancement - Orange County chapter
(SoftAware) Wednesday Nights semi-monthly Marina Del Rey informal discussions and pizza meetings
Southern California CISCO Users Group monthly Glendale
Southern California Wireless Networking Users Group (SoCalWUG) monthly Pasadena
South Coast Telecommunications Alliance varies Santa Barbara occasional meetings on telecommuting issues
Southern California Assocation of Governments - Transportation and Communications Committee monthly downtown L.A. occasional topics of interest on telecommuting issues
Southern California Online Users Group monthly Glendale
Southern California Telecommunications Networking Association (Nortel equipment) monthly varies


The following groups are generally focused on hardware (and some software) from one particular manufacturer.

Name Meeting Frequency Meeting Location Notes
Brocade (Storage Area Network vendor) Threads Users Group - Southern California chapter Cerritos
Conejo Valley Macintosh Users Group monthly Ventura
The International Association of Hewlett-Packard Computing Professionals
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Macintosh Users Group of Los Angeles monthly West Hollywood
Los Angeles Enterprise Server Group (LA-ESUG) monthly North Hollywood (primarily for IBM mainframe system administrators...Bill Westland)
Los Angeles Macintosh Users Group monthly Santa Monica
Los Angeles Palm/Portable Users Group monthly varies, currently in Santa Monica
Los Angeles Pocket PC Users Group monthly Santa Monica
Mac Valley Users Group monthly Northridge
Orange County Educational Advancement Network (OCEAN) monthly Costa Mesa (primarily for IBM AS/400 i-Series minicomputer system administrators
San Fernando Valley Midrange Users Group monthly Simi Valley


The following groups are generally intended for desktop or other end-users. Most meetings are free.

Name Meeting Frequency Meeting Location Notes
Antelope Valley Microcomputer Users Group monthly Lancaster
AVACE (Atari support) Palmdale contact: Marlene Brandom, +1 805-943-1559
Channel Islands PC Users Group monthly Camarillo
Claremont Senior Computer Club weekly Claremont
Classic Computer Society Santa Barbara contact: Andy Shapiro, +1 805-684-8838
Los Angeles Computer Society monthly West L.A.
Mid-Valley PC Users Group Van Nuys contact: +1 818-781-5104
Pasadena IBM Users Group monthly Altadena (after 22 years, will be defunct in early Spring, 2004)
Santa Barbara PC Users Group monthly Santa Barbara
Simi Valley Computer Users Group monthly Simi Valley (now defunct?)
Technical and User Groups Network monthly Granada Hills, Canoga Park
Thousand Oaks Personal Computer Club monthly Thousand Oaks
Valley Computer Club monthly Burbank this group has been around for about 20 years

semi-Regional User Groups

The following groups do not have local chapters, but rather are state-wide, national, or international in scope. These groups communicate electronically and may host one or more national conferences.

Name Notes
American Association of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI)
American Computer Scientists Association (ACSA)
Association for Interactive Marketing (AIM)
Association of Independent Information Professionals annual conference
Association of Support Professionals (ASP)
US Internet Industry Association (USIIA)
Baan Fan's
Baan World Users
California Broadband Users Group (CalBUG)
California ISDN Users Group (CIUG)
California Telephone Association (CTA)
Communication Managers Assocation (CMA)
Digital Vikings IT Professionals of Scandanvian heritage
Compaq Users Association (Netscape 4.x doesn't work)
Computer Law Association (CLA)
Connected International Meeting Professionals Association (CIMPA)
Encompass - A Compaq User Group (formerally DECUS) annual conference
Director Online User Group (Macromedia Director)
Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF)
Federation of Government Information Processing Councils
Federation on Computing in the United States (FOCUS)
First Tuesday mostly IS/IT venture capitalists (there used to be an LA group, but it seems to have stopped meeting)
Forum for Computer and Communications Users of Siemens (FORUM)
Home Phoneline Networking Alliance (HomePNA)
HTML Writers Guild
IMPACT - Model 204 User Group
Informix Users Groups
Institute for Certification of Information Systems Professionals (ICCP)
International Academy for Information Management (IAIM)
International Computer Security Association (ICSA)
International Digital Enterprise Alliance (IDEA) formerly known as the Graphic Communications Association (GCA)
International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP)
International Game Developers Association (IGDA)
International Society for Professionals in E-Commerce (iSPEC)
International Wang Users Group (IWUG)
Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
IT Financial Management Association (ITFMA)
Knowledge Management Consortium International (KMCI)
National Association of State Information Resource Executives
North American Data General Users Group (NADGUG) (defunct as of October, 2001)
North American Network Operators Group (NANOG)
Object Management Group (OMG)
Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS)
Professionals for Cyber Defense
Sendmail Consortium
SHARE (IBM mainframes)
Software Contractors' Guild
Society for Organized Learning (SOL) - West Coast Chapter
Society of Telecommunications Consultants
Software Productivity Consortium
Stratagy (Stratus computers)
Storage Networking Industry Association
TeX Users Group
The State Information Technology Consortium
United States Internet Council
United States Tech Corps (forming a California Chapter now)
Useability Professionals Association annual conference
Women in Graphic Media and Technology (WMGT)
Worldwide Institute of Software Architects
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

Other Local Groups - New Media

The following groups may be of some tangential interest to IT professionals. In the LA area, e-"anything", venture capital, and new media are often indistinguishable.

Name Meeting Frequency Meeting Location Notes
Central Coast Venture Forum annual conference Santa Barbara
Digital Coast Roundtable bi-monthly (membership is by nomination)
Digital Designers Users Group monthly Pasadena contact: Myron Grossman, +1-626-797-8422, email
eCommerce Networking Group (eCNG "eBrew") bi-monthly varies
International Interactive Communications Society - Los Angeles (now defunct? - what happened to the national web page as well?)
LAWNMOWER - The New Media Roundtable about monthly mostly at the major LA studios; some in San Francisco (now defunct?)
Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group (LAFCPUG) monthly Hollywood
Los Angeles Lightwave Users Group monthly just north of downtown Los Angeles
Los Angeles Regional Technology Alliance varies varies
Los Angeles Virtual Reality Users Group about monthly Santa Monica (now defunct?)
Motion Graphics Los Angeles monthly Hollywood
Orange County Multimedia Association monthly Orange County
Power Graphics User Network almost monthly Glendale
Rocktails varies various (new media, technology and VC social networking)
Salons@Annenberg monthly at USC
socaltech: Incubators varies varies (a list of business/technology incubators)
Southern California Technology Venture Forum annual varies
Southern California Venture Network various varies
Tech Coast Angels semi-monthly UCLA, USC, CalTech (and monthly dinner meetings at the Skirball Center)
Tech Valley Network monthly Thousand Oaks (mostly for Venture Capitalists and E-Entrepreneurs) (now defunct)
Tier One Network monthly West L.A.
The Zone various (mostly for Venture Capitalists and E-Entrepreneurs)
Venice Interactive Community (VIC) varies various (now defunct)
VOJO varies various (new media and VC social networking)
Webgrrls - Los Angeles Chapter monthly varies (the national organization is still alive, but the local web page seems to have disappeared)
Women In Animation - Los Angeles chapter varies varies
Women In New Media Alliance (WNMA) weekly Hollywood (their web page is filled with straight-forward, practical tips)

Other Local Groups - Technical and Engineering

The following groups may be of some tangential interest to IT professionals.

Name Meeting Frequency Meeting Location Notes
Amateur Radio Assocations (links) in Southern California
American Electronics Association - Los Angeles and Santa Barbara monthly varies
Audio Engineering Society - Los Angeles chapter
California Public Radio Association (CPRA) monthly varies (these folks manage the major public safety radio systems in the area)
Clickers and Flickers Photo Network (Photography) about monthly Studio City
IEE - Southern California monthly
IEEE - San Fernando Valley Chapter monthly
Laboratory Robotics Users Group - San Diego Chapter
IEEE - Los Angeles Area Consultants' Network monthly generally in Van Nuys; tours occasionally
Los Angeles chapter SIGGRAPH (ACM) monthly various presentations and tours too
National Association of Broadcasters
Society of Broadcast Engineers - Los Angeles chapter
Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers - Southern California chapter
Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers - Hollywood section
San Fernando Valley Engineer's Council
Society of Women Engineers - Los Angeles Section (SWE) monthly varies
The American Society of Safety Engineers - Los Angeles chapter
The San Fernando Valley Camera Club semi-monthly Encino
Women in Cable and Telecommunications (WICT) - Southern California Chapter (local chapter web page seems to have disappeared)
Xplor - Southern California Chapter bi-monthly varies (for electronic document professionals)

Other Local Groups - Business and Professional

The following groups may be of some tangential interest to IT professionals.

Name Meeting Frequency Meeting Location Notes
American Institute of Graphic Arts - Los Angeles Chapter monthly varies
American Marketing Assocation - Southern California Chapter monthly varies
American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) - LA Metro Chapter monthly Los Angeles area
American Society for Quality - San Fernando Valley Chapter monthly Northridge
American Society for Training and Development - Los Angeles Chapter monthly Los Angeles, Ventura
American Statistical Association - Southern California Chapter various varies
Association for Management Information in Financial Services
Association for Services Management International - Los Angeles/Orange County chapter
Association of Government Accountants - Los Angeles chapter
Association of Production, Inventory, and Control - San Fernando Valley chapter monthly Northridge
Business Network International - Northridge monthly business introductions service for entrepreneurs
Business Success Roundtable monthly contact: 818-757-1351
California Women Business Owners about monthly contact: 818-773-1976
California Council for Quality and Service
California Society of CPA's - San Fernando Valley area discussion group weekly Tarzana
Council for Continuous Improvement (defunct? - what happended to the web page?)
Customer Relationship Management Assocation (there used to be a local group, but I can't find their web page anymore)
Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley monthly varies
Financial Executives Institute
Forum for Women Entrepreneurs
Independant Writers of Southern California
Institute of Management Accountants - San Fernando Valley about monthly varies
International Association for Human Resource Information Management - Pacific Southwest Chapter monthly (can find the local chapter web page anymore)
The Institute of Internal Auditors - San Fernando Valley Chapter monthly Granada Hills
International Personnel Management Association - Southern California Chapter monthly contact: Lynette Berk, +1 619-672-0904
International Society for Performance Improvement - Los Angeles Chapter conferences, three times a year
Los Angeles Organizational Development Network ("LA OD Network") monthly Los Angeles
Los Angeles Society of Financial Analysts monthly varies
Los Angeles Venture Association varies mostly Westside
Market Analysts of Southern California monthly Culver City
Market Technicians Association (there is an LA Chapter, but they don't seem to have a web page)
National Association of Purchasing Managers - San Fernando Valley chapter about monthly Granada Hills
National Contract Management Association - Los Angeles/South Bay chapter
Printing Industries Association - Southern California Chapter monthly varies, usually breakfast meetings
Product Development and Management Association - Southern California Chapter
Professionals in Human Resources Association - District 9 (San Fernando Valley) monthly Burbank, Woodland Hills
Project Management Institute monthly varies
Public Relations Society of America
American Payroll Association - San Fernando Valley Chapter
Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) - Los Angeles Chapter various varies
Society of Cost Estimating and Analysis - Southern California Chapter
Society of Financial Service Professionals - San Fernando Valley Chapter monthly
Southland Association of Realtors varies San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley
San Fernando Valley Bar Association monthly varies
San Fernando Valley Professional Photographers monthly varies contact: 818-367-7334
Society for Human Resource Management monthly varies see also Professionals in Human Resources Association
Toastmasters many local groups (including Northridge)
United Chambers of Commerce (San Fernando Valley)
Valley Economic and Development Center (VEDC) varies various
Valley Industry and Commerce Association (VICA) varies various
Valley International Trade Association (VITA) Board Meetings are in Northridge
Valley of the Stars

Other Local Groups - Miscellaneous

The following groups may be of some interest to IT professionals.

Name Meeting Frequency Meeting Location Notes
Los Angeles Repetitive Strain Injury Support Group monthly Eagle Rock
Western Association of Colleges and Employers (WACE) - Southern California Technical Personnel Committee

Recurring Technical Presentations

The following seminars may be of some interest to IT professionals.

Name Meeting Frequency Meeting Location Notes
HRL Laboratories - Information Sciences Malibu occasional lectures
JPL - Machine Learning Systems Group Pasadena
JPL - Planning and Scheduling, Artificial Intelligence Group about weekly Pasadena
LA SPIN (Software Engineering) monthly usually USC/ISI in Marina Del Rey; sometimes USC campus in downtown LA
Southern California Coalition Technology Conference (SCCTC) annual Long Beach
Southern California SPIN (Software Engineering) monthly Long Beach (CSULB)
The Streaming Culture Lecture Series (UCLA) mostly monthly UCLA - Center for Design Arts (also, everything from this room is streamed 24x7)
UCI's Center for Research on Information Technology and Organizations (CRITO) - misc. presentations monthly Irvine
UCI's Institute for Software Research (ISR) Distinguished Speaker Series monthly Irvine
UCLA's list of LA Statistics Seminars mostly monthly various
UCSD's Research Review annual San Diego

Recurring Conferences

The following conferences may also be of some interest to IT professionals.

Name Meeting Frequency Meeting Location Notes
California Software Symposium annually, October UC Irvine
California Technology Forum annually, August Santa Barbara
Center for Software Engineering (USC) annually USC
COCOMO Software Cost Modeling annually USC
Software Management (and Software Measurement) annual conference Anaheim
Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference" annually, Spring Los Angeles Airport

Recurring Area Events

The following major events may be useful to IT professionals.

Name Meeting Frequency Meeting Location Notes
CalTech/MIT Enterprise Forum monthly Pasadena
COMDEX - Winter Conference annually, November Las Vegas
EC2 Roundtable monthly USC (downtown) (defunct as of June 30, 2002)
Government, Business, and Education Tech Expo annually, Spring downtown L.A.
Government Technology magazine- Southern California Executive Leadership Forum annually, Winter varies
International Association for Cryptographic Research annually, August Santa Barbara
Internet World annually, Spring downtown L.A.
Online Learning annually, October downtown L.A.
Southern California Tech Calender excellent resource for local events
Technolink Assocation about monthly varies
The 21st International Conference of Software Engineering May Los Angeles
The Knowledge Series annually, Spring Santa Monica (sponsored by the Annenberg Center for Communication at USC)
Windows NT Magazine - Professional Conference December, 1998 Los Angeles

Intermittent Area Events

The following major events may be useful to IT professionals.

Name Meeting Frequency Meeting Location Notes
Coast Open Source Software Technology (COSST) Newport Beach Co-sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society of Orange County
The Getty Information Institute The Millenium Lecture Series was very interesting; Nicholas Negroponte's lecture in 1997 was excellent.
The Milken Institute Santa Monica varies Milken holds seminars on various topics including technology.
The Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management (Claremont) Claremont about monthly Mostly on management issues, but some IS issues (such as Knowledge Management).
KForce - Sherman Oaks office about semi-annually usually University City (formerly Source Consulting - by invitation only)

Vendor Briefings

Briefings from the major vendors can be useful as well.

Name Location Notes
Apple Santa Monica varies
Microsoft usually Santa Monica free lunch for Open Door Days, second Friday of each month
Novell usually West L.A.

Alumni Organizations

Some of the more prestigous business and technology universities maintain active alumni networks in Southern California.

Name Meeting Frequency Meeting Location Notes
Claremont Graduate University - School of Information Science graduates largest number of IS Ph.D.'s in the nation
CSUN - Accounting and MIS Alumni Chapter varies Northridge They sponsor scholarships and assist with various student-related events (and, by the way, these are energetic, motivated, and talented business students!).
MIT Club of Southern California varies varies The recurring Enterprise Forums sponsored with CalTech are superb; great speakers also.
UCLA - Anderson School Alumni varies varies
USC - Marshall School Alumni varies varies

Non-Recurring IT Professional Forums

I have attended several ad-hoc forums and roundtables in the past. These are generally sponsored by a major vendor or an industry trade magazine, such as CIO, InformationWeek, or eWeek (ex-PCWeek). These are by invitation only. Contact each magazine for details.

Intermittent Focus Groups

Some local marketing specialize in various surveys and focus groups for IT professionals. These are usually managed by a specialized firm on behalf of a vendor or a significant client. QuickTest in Sherman Oaks (+1 818 995-1400) and Davis Market Research in Calabasas (+1 818 591-2408) are two examples of companies that provide this type of function.

Other User Group Listings

Some of the more prestigous business and technology universities maintain active alumni networks in Southern California.

Name Notes
@LA Computer User Groups in Southern California
General User Group resources (courtesy of Adobe)
The American Society for Information Science (ASIS) - Los Angeles chapter - related organizations

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