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Avi Dechter
Professor of Systems & Operations Management

General Information


Courses (Spring 2016)

College of Business and Economics

Avi Dechter

Recent Publications

Dechter, A. (2009). Facilitating Timely Completion of a College Degree with Optimization Technology. AACE Journal, 17(3), 215-229

Dechter, A. (2007). Model Based Student Academic Planning. International Journal of Applied Management and Technology, 5(1), 87-104

Dechter, A., and Dechter, R. (2005). Optimization Models for Generating Graduation Roadmaps. In Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Modeling and Reformulating Constraint Satisfaction Problems, Sitges (Barcelona), Spain, October 1, 2005, 44-58

Kask, K., Dechter, R., Larrosa, J., and Dechter, A. (2005). Unifying Tree Decompositions for reasoning in Graphical Models. Artificial Intelligence, 166. 165-193

Dechter, A. (2005). An Integer Programming Model for Setting Service Operating Schedules. California Journal of Operations management, 3(1), 31-38

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