Amgen will sustain biotechnology experiments in classes of Eisenhower teachers by continuing to supply all supplies and equipment, free of charge, when Eisenhower funding ends. Research projects will be sustained in the classes of many of the Eisenhower teachers, because while the program provides teachers with supplies for student research, classroom research implementation training focuses on developing plans for projects that use inexpensive supplies or none at all (e.g., field studies). The interactive Eisenhower Web site will be sustained after Eisenhower funding ceases, allowing long-term discussions on what works and what does not work in the classrooms of Eisenhower teachers.

All Eisenhower teachers will be placed on our colloquium invitations mailing list, that will automatically send them invitations to attend weekly research seminars with or without their students for decades to come. Once on the list, never off it.

MASTER’S DEGREES. The credits earned in the Eisenhower program will be applied towards the master’s degree in Science Education, Biology or Geoscience. We already have several teachers who have entered our master’s programs as a result of their work in the NSF component. We would like to provide incentives for more teachers to enter the master’s programs and therefore request from Eisenhower a small number of tuition waivers (first-year master’s tuition waivers only) to begin a major push to interest more Eisenhower teachers in obtaining the master’s degree. This initiative will enhance the leadership and content expertise of the Eisenhower teacher-leaders and will help sustain their long-term continuing education.