We have arranged for 3 units of regular graduate-level, university credit for teachers completing the Eisenhower program (Track 1 or Track 2).

This credit will apply towards the master’s degree in:

MASTER’S DEGREES. The credits earned in the Eisenhower program will be applied towards the master’s degree in Science Education, Biology or Geoscience. We already have several teachers who have entered our master’s programs as a result of their work in the NSF component. We would like to provide incentives for more teachers to enter the master’s programs and therefore request from Eisenhower a small number of tuition waivers (first-year master’s tuition waivers only) to begin a major push to interest more Eisenhower teachers in obtaining the master’s degree. This initiative will enhance the leadership and content expertise of the Eisenhower teacher-leaders and will help sustain their long-term continuing education.