Fall 2014 Office Hours:
5-7pm Tuesday.
5-6 pm Thursday.
All hours are held in JH 4234.



  • What's due soon?

    The official listing of due dates is on the schedule page, but Prof. Chapman will typically remind you of the most urgent due dates here. (Note: Due to Prof Chapman's illness 9/16 the due dates below have been changed. The full schedule page has not yet been updated to reflect this, so for the moment the schedule below is official.)

    • Thursday September 18:
      • COBAE Options presentations
      • Bring completed team evaluations to class
    • Tuessday September 23:
      • Coaching Day for case 1
      • Students must have read the case and come to class with questions
      • Each group must turn in a workplan for case 1
    • Thursday October 2:
      • Presentation Day for case 1 (Prof Chapman presents)
      • All student groups turn in a printed copy of their consulting report at the beginning of class.
      • Students turn in team evaluation forms (maintaining privacy using some form of group ballot box in the group folder).
      • An electronic version of all consulting reports must be posted at turnitiin.com (one copy per group)

  • Lower Division Core Cases
  • Group Assignments
  • COBAE Options Assignments





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