• Create Export Business Plan with Questions

    Business Plans Possess Special Characteristics

    Business plans are a different kind of proposal. They have nuances of meaning that express whether not a startup of a company or an organization is feasible. They usually include financial information, marketing information, and human resource information. In this link I propose to share with you some thinking from a woman in a career women's conference I attended a few years. This speaker talked at some lengths about how to develop a business plan. In the next section are some of her ideas about how to develop a business plan. Also, many good books now exist on business planning. I will share some of those titles with you as well. Many of your marketing courses now insist you learn how to write marketing or business plans.

    Business Plans Start with Missions

    To develop a business plan you need an outline of the different proposal parts. First, you need a mission or a reason why the startup company or service should exist. What niche am I trying to fill? How does my business differ from every other business that has been conceived?


    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (recommended: 2 pages)

    Overview of the Business
    Company strengths and competitive position anticipated
    Highlights of management team
    Financial summary

    COMPANY GOALS/COMPANY BACKGROUND (recommended: 1 page)

    Statement of the business
    Goals, objectives

    MARKETING ENVIRONMENT (recommended: 6-8 pages)

    Industry/Organizational Characteristics
    Target markets
    Sales strategy

    PRODUCTS/SERVICES (recommended: 2-3 pages)

    Current products/services, descriptions, benefits
    Future products/services, descriptions, reason for introduction

    FINANCIALS (recommended: 2-3 pages)

    Summary of company's/organization's past performance
    Projections of future performance

    OPERATIONAL AND MANAGEMENT ISSUES (recommended: 2-6 pages)



    Resumes of key management
    Financial reports (past and future)
    Technical descriptions of products and processes
    Organization and Flow Charts

    This list appealed to the audience at that seminar, because the list was practical. The development of the business plan could be used to secure a loan from a bank. The list with its appropriate headings could convince prospective investors to look at your company or proposed organization.

    Create Export Business Plan with Questions

    Continue to expand your horizons as you think about business plans. Business plans now affect us globally. You may want to develop an export business plan. You think carefully about your geographic markets. You may want to take the advice of Carmon Stiles ("Writing a Business Plan Essential Before Entering Export Market," The Gazette, August 2, 1999, p. IB5), a private export consultant, who suggests the following questions for your full-blown business plan:

    Answering these questions does not guarantee you a business plan. You are at least thoughtfully considering the process of developing such a plan. Nex, according to Stiles, you need cultural awareness. Your attitudes about your own culture will influence the way the plan is prepared. Check your awareness by answering the following yes-no questions:

    What are your results with these previous questions? Stiles believes, if you answered "no" to three of the questions, you are on your way to creating an export business plan. I would urge one other caution. Either hire someone who knows the language of the targeted country or learn enough vocabulary to effectively communicate with your counterpart in another country. Learning someone else's language goes a long way to a better world understanding.

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