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Tips From Past IS StudentsDon't Forget to SAVE Your DATA!!!
  • For the projects in class such as, the Access Project or Excel project make sure to backup your work on disk, no matter how safe you think the computer is that you are using.

  • Start your projects in advance, preferably the day they are handed out. The handout maybe short but the necessary task to complete the project takes a long time. Also, if you run into any problems you want to give yourself plenty of time to meet with Dr. Gray and make the necessary changes.

  • Take REALLY good notes in class, try to write down everything Dr. Gray says. Even better, tape record the class lectures. They will far better prepare you for the tests than the text book used.

  • For the class projects DO more than is asked in the instructions. Limiting yourself to the instructions handed out for a project will result in a B- at best.

  • For IS 628 students, Read the cases, and conduct a thorough analysis of the case when you present it. Take the knowledge you learn in class and apply it to the cases you present.