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TNE PUBLICATIONS and Presentations

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Cheng, I Using Collborative Inquiry with Student Teacher to Support Teacher Professional Development, American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting, Denver, CO, May 2010

Gainsburg, J. A self-evaluation of the impact of a teacher Education program. Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE) Annual Conference, Irvine, CA., 2009

Fernandez, S., Gold, J. & Zeitlin, J.  The border problem and other geometric problems for Middle school, Symposium on Mathematics Education in honor of Phil Curtis, UCLA, February 2009.

Jelen, N., Gainsburg, J., Katsarou, E., Carter, P., & Mitchell-McKnight, V. (2009). Using observation protocols to assess candidates and teachers. Teachers for a New Era and TNE Learning Network Strand at the 2009 American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (AACTE) Annual Meeting, Chicago.

Ericson, B., DaLi, S., Pak, M. & Wegner, C., Tech-Savy Strategies for Promoting Adolescent Literacy in Urban Schools, NCTE Convention, San Antonio, TX, November 2008.

Cabello, B., Where Have We Been? An Overview of CSUN's Research Links to Pupil Learning, AERA 2008

Ericson, B., DaLi, S., Mitchell, C., Parmar,N., Creating Community and Promoting Diverse Literacies Through Lesson Design Study Conversations, NCTE Convention, New York, November 2007.

Ericson, B., Culp, L., DaLi, S., Milis, A. & Saidy, C, Where English Teachers Succeed and High School Strengthening Teaching and Learning in an Urban School Partnership, NCTE Convention, Nashville, TN, November 2006.

Gold, J., and Zeitlin, J., Evidence for Improving the mathematical preparation of K-5 teachers, PMET Conference, Asilomar, CA, June 2006

Rusche, P., Eaton, A., Spagna, M., Cabello, B.& Ballard, J; Teachers for a New Era: Evidence Study at California State University Northridge. Teacher Education Council of State Colleges and Universities, San Diego, California, January 2006.

Zeitlin, J., Hertzog, H., Gold, J. & Czech, M., Improving the preparation of K-5 math teachers in mathematics and the college of education, AERA 2005.



Teachers For a New Era’s Impact on Mathematics Education at MathFest August 2008.  Chair: Magnhild Lien

Writing Realities Among Future Elementary School Teachers at Conference on College Composition and Communication, New Orleans, April 2008. Chair Kathleen Rowlands

Assessing the writing proficiency of future elementary school teachers: Results from year one of the Teachers for a New Era Literacy Research Project at California State University, Northridge at Writing Research Across Borders Conference, UC Santa Barbara, February 2008. Chair Irene Clark


Internal (CSUN) Reports and Presentations

Julie Gainsburg and Mira Pak, The Master Teacher Professional Development Project and Study

Jerrold Gold, Mary Rosen & Joel Zeitlin, Solving Word Problems with Bar Diagrams—a method from Singapore

at CSUN Liberal Studies Conference Oct, 2008

Bonnie Ericson, Sandra DaLi and SK Ramesh, Building Connections with NAHS and Other Local High Schools at CSUN Annual Chairs/Deans Retreat, August 2008.

Julie Gainsburg, Suzanne Scheld, Christina von Mayrhauser, Michael Spagna and Carrie Rothstein-Fish, Teaching Credential Program's Impact on Recent Graduates: sub-report 1, Behavioral Observation.

Suzanne Scheld, Christina von Mayrhauser Michael Spagna and Carrie Rothstein-Fish, Teaching Credential Program's Impact on Recent Graduates: sub-report 2, Anthropological Triangulation of Interview, Survey and Fieldnote Data.

Julie Gainsburg and Marian Pasternac, Teaching Credential Program's Impact on Recent Graduates: follow-up study 2008-2009

Philip J. Rusche and Arlinda J. Eaton,  The W.M. Keck Teacher-in-Residence Initiative at California State University, Northridge.