Chapter 12 Vocabulary



bisceop: bishop (nominative)

burhware: citizenry (accusative of burhwaru)

Finnum: Finns (dative of Finnas)

Heahmund: proper name Heahmund; (nominative)

hranas: reindeer (accusative plural of hran)

hus: house (nominative)

hwæl: whale (nominative)

hwalas: whales (plural accusative)

land: land, country (nominative)

lande: land, country (dative)

mannum: men (dative plural of man(n))

monna: men (genitive plural of man(n))

mynstermen: monks (nominative plural of mynsterman(n))

neaweste: vicinity, neighborhood (dative)


foð: catch, capture; (present plural of fon)

wearð: became; (past singular 1st and 3rd person of weoran)

wurdon: became; (past plural of weoran)


afyrhte: frightened

bradost: broadest

byne: cultivated

dyre: dear, precious

fela: many

fyrst: first

god: good

gram: angry

læssa: smaller

leoht: light

ofslægen: slain (past participle acting as an adjective)

oðre: other

snel: quick

spedig: prosperous

swift: swift

untrum: unwell

wilde: wild



easteweard: in the east

micclum: greatly

micle: much

swyðe: very

ðær: there



ac: but

for ðæm: because

ond: and

ðonne: than



in: in

mid: with

wið: with

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