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CLASS HOURS: W 4:20-6:45 PM, JR348, Class Number 17244
OFFICE: 803 Sierra Tower
TELEPHONE: 677-0901
E-MAIL: scott.kleinman@csun.edu
WEB SITE: http://www.csun.edu/~sk36711/WWW/630ML/

Required Texts

  • Beowulf, trans. Chickering
  • The Owl and the Nightingale, ed. Cartlidge
  • De Hamel, Scribes and Illuminators
  • The Canterbury Tales, ed. Beidler
  • Primary and Secondary Texts Online


  • 25% Mini Web Project
  • 30% Group Web Project
  • 25% Essay (5 pages)
  • 20% Final Exam


Please have the listed readings done by the day they are listed.

Week 1: 29 Aug Riddles 24, 45 (handout)
Week 2: 5 Sep

Riddles 3, 23, 25, 26, 89 (PDF); De Hamel, pp. 1-44; Cædmon Story; O’Keeffe (Electronic Reserves); Poems from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (Electronic Reserves). Note on the readings.

Week 3: 12 Sep Beowulf; Chickering's “Backgrounds”; Creed, “The Making of an Anglo-Saxon Poem”; Niles, “Ring Composition and the Structure of Beowulf
Week 4: 19 Sep

Class cancelled. Please do the following reading for next week:

Beowulf; Chickering's “Backgrounds”; Niles, “Reconceiving Beowulf: Poetry as Social Praxis”

Week 5: 26 Sep HTML Workshop
Week 6: 3 Oct

Mini web project due

Psalms: 1 (Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly); 6, Domine ne in furore… ("Lord, rebuke me not in thy fury"); 37, Domine ne in furore… ("Lord, rebuke me not in thy fury"); 50 Miserere mei Deus… ("Have mercy on me, O God"); 68 (St Albans 67.2) (Let God arise; let his enemies be scattered); 95 (O come, let us sing unto the Lord); 150 (Praise ye the Lord. Praise God in his sanctuary); Paris Psalter (in Special Collections); St Albans Psalter: Introduction and assigned psalms; First four pages of White, “Books of Hours and the Bridwell Hours”; The Owl and the Nightingale

Note: The Medieval Manuscripts conference will be held on Friday, October 5-Sunday, October 7. You may wish to attend for one or all of the days. Registration is free.

Week 7: 10 Oct The Owl and the Nightingale; Holsinger (Electronic Reserves)
Week 8: 17 Oct The Owl and the Nightingale
Week 9: 24 Oct Dagenais, “Decolonizing the Medieval Page” (Electronic Reserves)
Week 10: 31 Oct

HTML Workshop 2

“What is mouvance?”; Case Study, especially the first three lyrics
“What is a contrafactum?”and the lyrics linked at the bottom of the essay; “Stond wel, Moder, under rode,” §33 (be sure to read the note linked to the right of the section number)

Week 11: 7 Nov Sir Orfeo, Introduction to Sir Orfeo, and Evans, “Sir Orfeo in Manuscript Context” (Electronic Reserves)
Week 12: 14 Nov

Group Web Project Due

Week 13: 21 Nov

General Prologue to The Canterbury Tales; Hilmo, “Framing the Canterbury Pilgrims for the Aristocratic Readers of the Ellesmere Manuscript”; Parks, “Oral Tradition and the Canterbury Tales”

Week 14: 28 Nov Wife of Bath; Hanna, “Compilatio and the Wife of Bath” (Electronic Reserves)
Week 15: 5 Dec Reading Week