Research Projects:

Are you interested in starting a new research project in Mathematics? Below we have several research proposals. The starting point of each project is one of the "Problems of the Week". Then the level of difficulty depends on the student's interest and ability. The final report difficulty can vary and can be used for different pourposes:

  • A presentation for the CSUN Math club
  • The topic for a reading course
  • The creation of a poster that can be presented in a local or national MAA meeting
  • Participation in the CSUN Research Symposium with a poster or oral presentation
  • A Master thesis
  • Even a journal publication!


Please look for a topic of your choice. Start by reviewing the solution(s) to the corresponding Problem of the Week. Then try the proposed related questions. Then contact us. Make an appointment to talk about your particular needs and expectations for such project. Should you continue with the project, we will advise you, recommend readings, listen to your ideas and solutions, etc.

Spring 2004, Problem 1: Dividing a group into perfect squares.

Topic: Combinatorics.

Fall 2004, Problem 10: A circular chain of dominos.

Topic: Combinatorics.

Spring 2004, Problem 2: The sum of a series.

Topic: Real Analysis.

Fall 2004, Problem 12: The prime must be 3.

Topic: Number Theory.

Spring 2004, Problem 5: A polynomial with four real roots.

Topic: Algebra and/or Real Analysis.

Spring 2005, Problem 6: Covering dots.

Topic: Combinatorial Geometry.

Spring 2004, Problem 7: There is always a small triangle.

Topic: Combinatorial Geometry.

Spring 2005, Problem 9: 33 segments in a digital watch.

Topic: Combinatorics.

Fall 2004, Problem 3: The cubic root of a matrix.

Topic: Linear Algebra.

Fall 2005, Problem 3: Irrational numbers: It stays in the family!

Topic: Combinatorial Number Theory.

Fall 2004, Problem 8: Finding a function.

Topic: Algebra (functional equations).

Fall 2005, Problem 8: The "Rectangle" game.

Topic: Game Theory.

Fall 2004, Problem 9: A triangular billiard table.

Topic: Billiard Geometry.

Fall 2005, Problem 9: A property of 2005.

Topic: Number Theory.