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“If you’re comfortable with what you’re doing, then you’re wasting your life.”

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." ~ Aristotle

“It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.” ~John Wooden



Management Internships Coordinators/Instructors:


Philip Gorman, Ph.D.

Email: philip.c.gorman@csun.edu

Office: JH 4221;   Office Telephone: 818-677-4515

Office Hours: by appointment.


Donald McCormick, Ph.D.

Email: donald.mccormick@csun.edu

Office: JH 4214;   Office Telephone: 818-677-2418

Home Office: 310-470-2492 (9AM-5PM weekdays only please)

Office Hours:  TBA and by appointment.

For a sample of his Spring 2008 syllabus, click here


Richard A. Kernochan, Ph.D. (not teaching Spring 2009)

Email address: kernochan@csun.edu (put “Mgt 498” in the Subject Line of your email message)

Office: JH 4208;  Office Telephone: 818-677-2422;

Office Hours:  Tues 11.00-noon; Thurs. 2-3PM and 5-6PM

My home office: 310-452-5863 (9AM-5PM, weekdays)






This site is for Management Internships only. For other COBE internships please click on this link


Information about enrollment in the

Management Internship Course

For Informatiotion before filling out)

Please contact the instructor for your class for information and details

Information re individual course requirements is available from the instructor.


PERMISSION NUMBERS: You cannot enroll in this course without a permission number from the instructor.  You get a number when you have an approved management internship.  To get approval, you must have found your desired internship and had your internship interview to get it approved with either the instructor or Craig Oka, Director of Internships Programs for the College of Business and Economics.


If you have a job, you can have your internship at your place of work. It must be a special project outside your normal duties and take at least 150 hours to complete over the course of the semester.


Search for an internship that will provide maximum benefit to you, your career and the skills you will need to succeed in that career. Don’t waste your time simply fulfilling a graduation requirement, or simply trying to find what’s available. Don’t hesitate to ask your desired company for an internship, even if they’re not listed.  


If you don’t know what career you want, use this internship to test drive one.


 o        Forms

                        - Application Form

                        - Profile Form (Please turn in only at the first class, not before)