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The Reading Institute for Academic Preparation @ Cal State Northridge


A study from ACT shows that high school students who plan to enter workforce training programs after they graduate need academic skills similar to those of college bound students.


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Integrating RIAP Materials into Your Instruction

English/ Language Arts Standards

  • Selected Content Standards that Link to Literacy (Mira)
  • Links to Instructional Materials:

  • About The Assignment Template (Ximena)
  • The Assignment Template
  • The Assignment Template ver. 1.1 (Annotated by Kathy)
  • The Blank Template
  • The 9th and 10th grade Template
  • Module Planner
  • College Access Study:

  • Graphic Overview
  • PowerPoint: Graphic of CAS Steps
  • CAS-Step 1: Demographics
  • Checklist
  • Student Questionaire
  • Student Questionaire Summary
  • Permission Letter
  • Spanish Permission Letter
  • Student Pre Survey
  • Student Post Survey
  • Continuum of Leadership Activities
  • CAS Review Form
  • CAHSEE Pre-and Post Materials (Grades 9 and 10)

  • CAHSEE Pre-Test
  • CAHSEE Pre-Test Answer Sheet
  • CAHSEE Pre-Test Answer Key and Summary
  • CAHSEE Post-Test
  • CAHSEE Post-Test Answer Sheet
  • CAHSEE Post-Test Answer Key and Summary
  • CAHSEE Pre-and Post-Test Comparison
  • CASHEE Essay Packet
  • RCST MAterials (Grades 11 and 12)

  • Definitions: Skill Types
  • RCST Pre-Test
  • RCST Pre-Test Answer Key
  • RCST Pre-Test Rationales
  • RCST Pre-Test Skills Analysis
  • RCST Post-Test
  • RCST Post-Test Answer Key
  • RCST Post-Test Rationales
  • RCST Post-Test Skills Analysis
  • RCST Pre-and Post Test Analysis Comparison
  • Institute Presentations:

  • Orientation 2009 (Kathy)
  • Reading Rhetorically, Writing Rhetorically: Theoretical Foundations (Kent)
  • Writing as a Tool for Thinking and Learning (Kathy)
  • Academic Literacy (Kent)
  • The Rhetoric of the Op-Ed Page (Kathy)
  • Reading as Recreation (Anush)
  • Reading Comprehension in Mathematics (Farah)
  • Better Learning through Structured Teaching (Doug Fisher)
  • Teaching Vocabulary (Kathy)
  • Reading Rhetorically, Writing Rhetorically (Kathy)
  • Assignment Design and Writing on Demand (Kathy)
  • Teaching Writing (Kathy)
  • October 4th PPT
  • SDAIE Presentation (Ximena)
  • Street et. al. "The Expository Reading and Writing Curriculum (ERWC): Preparing all Students for College and Career"
  • A Text-Based Grammar for Expository Writing PPT presentation (Kathy)
  • Don't Miss These:

  • English Success: This Web site furnishes information on, and practice for, the Early Assessment Program's English Placement Test (EPT), as well as admission and registration information for the 23 CSU campuses. the site includes captioned videos and online EPT practice essays. This application, known as the Calibrated Peer Review relies on retired EPT prompts and the EPT scoring rubric to help students improve their expository writing skills.
  • The Online Community: This site is password protected and for EAP-trained faculty only. The site contains all 14 original modules (which will be updated to the newest versions shortly), chat rooms, discussion boards for each module, important EAP announcements, and other EAP-related information.
  • The EAP Test Results for schools. How ready are the graduates from your school for the CSU? Find out here.
  • EAP Status Check. This site allows students who took one or more EAP tests and released their results to the CSU to check their scores. After logging in, students receive math nd English results along with customized advice to hrlp thrm fulfill the ELM and EPT requirements. The site includes a test account that teachers can use to demonstrate the site to students. Follow these directions:
    1. Log into the box on the right with the username eapstudent and the password eaptest.
      Enter the following information:
      First name: EAP
      Last name: Student
      Home Address: 112EAP Street
      Home Zip Code: 11111
      Birth Date: 1/1/1979
      High School: Los Alamitos High School, Los Alamitos

    Focus on English: Download the complete preparation booklet for the English Placement Test, including samples of each type of question, the scoring guide for the essay, an explanation of the subscores and total score, and additional tipics for practice essays.

    The CSU Bakersfield RIAP Web Site: This site furnishes information and encuorages conversations in three areas: (10 Lesson plans based on RIAP strategies, (2) EAP modules written by teachers, and (3) comprehensive Literacy Plans developed for schools in the Kern High School District.