Electromagnetic Wave 410 - Spring 2008

Instructor: Dr. Deqing Ren
Classroom and Time: LO 1124, Monday and Wednesday 5:30 pm ~ 6:45 pm.
Course Number: 16980 
Web page: http://www.csun.edu/~rd436460/EW.html
Instructor Office: LO 1124A
Phone: 818-677-3186
Email: ren.deqing@csun.edu
Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 15:00 - 16:00, and by appointment

Textbook (Required)
Electromagnetic Waves
Umran S. Inan and Aziz S. Inan
Prentice Hall 2000
ISBN 0-201-36179-5

Other Optional Book  (In the case you are not proficent in the Mathematics)
Mathematics for Physics 
Michael M. Woolfson and Malcolm S. Woolfson
Oxford University Press 2007
ISBN 978-0-19-928929-5 

Course Description

The course covers the textbook Chapter 1 Maxwell Equations, Chapter 2 Wave in undounded Medium, Chapter 3 Reflection, transmission and refraction of waves, Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 (if time allows) waveguides in parallel-plate and cylindrical cross section. Chapter 2, 3, 4 and 5 are specific applications of the Maxwell Equations to specific questions. These parts have important applications such as optics coating, single-mode fiber communication, and so on.

Couse Objectives

To gain basic knowledge, and understand the main principles, of Maxwell's Equations and their applications to specific questions. Students will learn how to find the solutions to specific questions by applying the Maxwell's Equations with different boundary conditions.


1) Students are expected to attend class and participate by asking questions and answering questions raised by the instructors. Class attendance takes 5% of the total grade.

2) The homework assignments make up 50% of the total grade.

3) There will be one midterm exam that makes up 20% of the total grade, and one final exam worth 25% of the total grade. Mark your calendar with the exam dates. You are responsible for being on time. If you have a religious holiday conflict, let me know during the first week of classes. You will be provided with an equations sheet during the exams. During an exam you must avoid looking at the work of others.

Grading Criteria

The grade distribution will be as follows.
A 88% and higher
B 72-87%
C 55-71%
D 41-54%
F 40% and below

We use the +/- system so in each range (no A+), the low end will be minus and the high end plus.


1) Homework will be assigned once a time for each week, and will be turned in brfore it is due.

2) Homework solution will be posted online below and replaced before next homework is due. Please download it and check you answers if you have any problem with your answers.

Homework Solution:

Chapter 1

 Important Dates of Exams

Midterm Exam :  March 26                              Final Exam: May 12, Monday


Lecture On These Sections
Jan 23 Introduction  
  Vector Algebra and Analysis Lecture
Chapter 1
Maxwell's Equation and Electromagnetic Waves
Chapter 2
Waves in an Unbounded Medium, and Polarization
will be announced
Midterm Exam 
March 26  (Chapters 1 and 2)
Chapter 3
Reflection, Transmission and Refraction of waves
Chapter 4
Parallel-Plate and Dielectric Slab Waveguides
Chapter 5
Rectangular and Cylindrical Waveguides
May 12, Monday 
Final Exam
Room LO 1124: 5:30pm ~ 7:30 pm