Physics 100B - Spring 2013

Instructor: Dr. Deqing Ren
Classroom and Time: Manzanita Hall 130, Monday, and Wednesday 9:30am~10:45am.
Class Number: 15188
Course ID on Masteringphysics:MPREN74555 (for online homework at (name: 100B-Ren-2013Spring); also see the document: Master Physics Course
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Instructor Office: Eucalyptus Hall [EH] 2111C
Phone: 818-677-3186
Office Hours: Monday 1:00 - 2:00pm,or by appointment : Tuturing for Homework and lecture is available.

Textbook for Online Homework MasteringPhysics

College Physics by Hugh D. Young, 9th Edition.

Course Description

This course is an algebra based introductory physics course covering chapters 19-32 of the text. The topics covered include Electric Charge, Electric Force, Electric Field, Energy and Electric Potential, Electric Current and DC Circuits, Magnetism, Magnetic Flux and Faraday's Law, Geometric and Wave Optics, Relativity, Quantum, Atomic and Nuclear Physics. The required mathematical level of the course is reviewed in Appendix A of the textbook. Each and every topic is not necessarily covered during class time but students are responsible for all sections indicated on the syllabus. You should study all the material carefully, especially those planning to take the MCAT exams.  

Couse Objectives

To gain basic knowledge, and understand the main principles, of Physics as applied to Electromagnetism, Optics and Modern Physics. The student should recognize the importance of the scientific method and develop strong problem-solving skills.


1) The homework assignments make up 35% of the total grade. Each homework is made up of the same set of questions but the majority of the questions will have numbers that are algorithmically generated so each student's answers will be different. These assignments are offered on-line via website which also grades the homework immediately upon submission.

2) 2 quizzes will give 5% extra cridt

3) There will be two midterm exams that make up 35% of the total grade (17.5% each), and one final comprehensive exam worth 30% of the total grade. Mark your calendar with the exam dates listed below. You are responsible for being on time. If you have a religious holiday conflict, let me know during the first week of classes. You will be provided with an equations sheet during the exams. During an exam you must avoid looking at the work of others or I will be forced to call it to your attention in front of your peers. No make-up exam will be allowed, provided for very special case.


The grade distribution will be as follows.
A 88% and higher
B 72-87%
C 55-71%
D 41-54%
F 40% and below

We use the +/- system so in each range (no A+), the low end will be minus and the high end plus.


1) Homework will be assigned once a time for each chapter, and homework will be done online.

2) Homework solution will be provided online in the following section at the end of each chapter. Please download it and check you answers if you have any problem with your answers.


Homework Solutions

Tutoring Schedule


Lecture On These Sections
Homework Solutions
Jan 23
Jan 28
19.1, 19.2, 19.3 
Jan 30
Feb 4
Feb 6
19.4, 19.5, 19.6
19.7, 20.1 
20.2, 20.3, 20.4
Chapter19-4-5, Chapter19-6-7, 
Feb 11
Feb 13
Feb 18
20.5, 20.6, 21.1,  
21.2, 21.3, 21.4,
21.6, 21.7
Chapter20-5-6, Chapter21-1-2, 
Feb 20
Feb 25
Feb 27
Mar 4
Mar 6
22.1, 22.2,Quiz 1
22.3, 22.4, 22.5
22.6, 22.5,
Exam 1
22.7, 23.1, 23.2

Chapter22-7, Chapter23-1-2,
Mar 11
Mar 13
Mar 18
23.3, 23.4, 23.5 
23.6, 23.10
24.1 & Intro to AC
Mar 20
Mar 25
25.1, 25.3, 25.4
25.5, 26.1, 26.2
Mar 27
April 1
April 3
26.3, 26.4, quiz 2
26.5, 26.6, 26.7
(Monday: Holiday

Apr 8
Apr 10
Apr 15
28.1 , 28.2

Apr 17
Apr 22
Apr 24
Exam 2,
28.4 28.5
29.1, 29.2, 29.3
Apr 29
May 1
May 6
29.4, 29.5, 29.6
30.1, 30.2, 30.3
May 8
May 15 Wed.
31.2, 31.3
Final Exam 
Last day instruction
Manzanita Hall 130 : 8:00AM - 10:00AM