Current and Recent Projects

  1. Strongly Correlated Electrons
    1. Periodic and Disordered Anderson lattice (Y. Luo, C.Verdozzi, N. Kioussis)
    2. Heavy Fermion Systems (E. Collins, N. Kioussis)
    3. Electron-phonon interactions (C.Verdozzi, N. Kioussis)
  1. Mechanical Properties
    1. Dislocation Core (A. Coho, N. Kioussis)
    2. Brittle-Ductile (A. Coho, N. Kioussis)
  1. H-Bonded Ferroelectrics
    1. Ferroelectric Transition (C. Liu, N. Kioussis)
    2. Defects Reactions (C. Liu, N. Kioussis)
  1. Surfaces/Interfaces
    1. Metal-Oxide Interfaces (C. Verdozzi, P.A. Schultz, R. Wu, A.H. Edwards, N. Kioussis)
    2. Ge adatoms on Si surface (H. Gotsis, D. Papaconstantopoulos, N. Kioussis)
    3. H20 Chemisorption on inter metallics (M. Tovar, C. Liu, N. Kioussis)
  1. Transport
    1. Double Barrier Junctions (A. Kalitsov, A. Coho, N. Kioussis, A. Vedayev)
  1. Nano
    1. Quantum Dots (Y. Luo, N. Kioussis)
    2. Nanotubes (H. Scudder, G. Lu, N. Kioussis)
    3. Kondo Clusters (Y. Luo, C. Verdozzi, N. Kioussis)