Dr. Kristina Meshelski

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Kristina Meshelski specializes in social and political philosophy, including issues of race, gender, and sexuality. She is also interested in early modern philosophy, and has recently published "Two Kinds of Definitions in Spinoza's Ethics" in the British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Volume 19, Issue 2 (2011).

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American Philosophical Association American Political Science Association


University of Virginia Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Dissertation Year Fellowship (one of twenty) 2009-2010

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Over the summer I participated in the excellent NEH seminar “Liberty, Equality, and Justice: Philosophical Problems in Domestic and Global Contexts” Directed by Christopher H. Wellman and Andrew Altman, University of Washington, St. Louis, June 4-29, 2012 and I presented a paper at the Global Justice Network conference "Scope of Distributive Justice: Relational and Non-relational views" at Central European University in Budapest, Hungary, July 5-7, 2012.

Fall 2012 Courses

Phil 310: Philosophical Problems Phil 406: Philosophy of Sex, Gender, and Sexuality