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The Southern California Consortium for Behavior Analysis (SCCBA) is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to the promotion and maintenance of the highest professional, scientific, and ethical standards for behavior analysts. As a repository of shared knowledge and experience of individual members, we can collaboratively undertake an enterprise beyond the resources of any one member. Together, we address local and statewide issues that impact our ability to practice, and we aim to achieve common goals and standards through the work of specific committees.

SCCBA's Mission Statement

The Southern California Consortium for Behavior Analysis (SCCBA) is dedicated to the science of applied behavior analysis and to working collaboratively to achieve professional goals that are unattainable individually. SCCBA promotes the highest standards of behavior analysis, community awareness, training, research and business practices, and monitors legislation that impacts the practice of applied behavior analysis. Members of SCCBA are committed to the utilization of quality behavior analysis programs that have been empirically validated for the betterment of those who receive services, while maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Consortium Committees

Each committee, under the direction of a chair, co-chair, and several devoted members, has developed a mission statement and works on various issues to report to the general Consortium.

1.      Executive Committee

2.      Education & Training Committee

3.      Business Committee

4.      Ethics Committee

Upcoming Meetings

General meetings are held at the CSUN campus, typically in Sierra Hall, on the 3rd Monday of each month at 10:30 am - 12:00PM.  Please contact sccbainformation@gmail.com  for additional information as the dates and times of the meetings may vary.

First Consortium

The first Consortium, sponsored and funded by College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, was held on August, 11th 2008. Dr. Ellie Kazemi, co-founder, sent formal invitations to all local behavioral agencies and notified any/all organizations within 50 miles of CSUN.  The invitation was very well received. The first Consortium consisted of 51 attendees! The consortium continues to thrive and discuss challenges faced by individuals offering behavioral services. Presently, the consortium is led by consortium members.