Ellie Kazemi, PhD

Training and Supervision

Research Laboratory

The following document was developed by Dr. Kazemi and Dr. Adzhyan to guide supervision of candidates preparing to become Board Certified Behavior Analysts. We thank Ashley Rice for her help preparing and posting this document on the K-lab website for public use.


Kazemi & Adzhyan (2013) Structured Supervision Folder: A guide for Supervisors and Supervisees (2nd Edition), November 2013

Meets the BACB 4th Edition Task List

Kazemi & Adzhyan (2011) structured supervision folder: A Guide for supervisors and supervisees (1st Edition), January 2011

Meets the BACB 3rd Edition Task List



Structured BCBA Supervision folder

Revised November 2013

Approving Sites & Supervisors

Revised April 2014

The document below is a handbook to guide clinical sites, supervisors, and prospective interns regarding the csun university-based practica.


If you are interested in becoming CSUN-approved, please review, complete, and submit the appropriate forms to the CSUN bcp coordinator at csunbcba.info@csun.edu


CSUN BCP Practica Handbook


CSUN BCP Practica Handbook Application (Fill-in)