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Kathleen Addison

Kathleen Addison earned a double bachelor's in History and Russian Studies at UCLA, and the MA and C.Phil in History at UCLA.  She is currently completing her Ph.D., entitled "Solotchinskii monastyr': Secular-Ecclesiastic Relations in 17th Century Riazan' Province, Russia."   She has taught at a number of campuses in LACCD and CSU in Southern California since 1997, while doing graduate work including applications of technology in education, as well as being distracted by myriad shiny things. She is impervious to the need for sleep and other puny mortal weaknesses, save the fellowship of her cats and dogs.  
Faculty Office ST 606 Fall 2010 Hours:  MW 11:15-12:20, Sat. by appointment; live chat hours T 4-5 (zardoz719@gmail.com)