FIN 352: Investment Managment   -   Professor Dow


Professor James Dow
Office: JH4107
Phone: x4539

Course Description:

Prerequisite: FIN 303.  Passing score on the Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam.  BUS 302 and BUS 302/L are prerequisites for BSBA majors.  Survey of investments including corporate and government securities, real property and financial intermediaries.  A survey of investment theory emphasizing security analysis, valuation and portfolio management.

Text and Calculator:

The textbook for this course is Investments: Analysis and Management by Jones.  It is expected that all students can download information from the internet (including PDF files) and can use Excel for basic financial and mathematical calculations. You will also need a financial calculator.  There is a webpage ( which serves as a guide to the class. You should bookmark it.  


The course grade is determined as a weighted average of the letter grades for the two exams and the assignments.(where “A”=4, “B”=3, etc.). The midterm is worth 40% of your grade, the final is worth 50% of your grade and the assignments together are worth 10%. If you pass all but one of the assignments, you get an "A" for that part of the course. If you pass all but two assignments, you get a "B". If you pass all but three, you get a "C". Otherwise, you get an "F". Assignments must be completed by the due date and will be considered "failed" if turned in late. There is an assignments page on the class website with information on the specific assignments. In addition, you will be given a separate individual assignments sheet in class. There are no early or makeup exams. You may not enter the classroom 30 minutes after the start of an exam. Details about the assignments are available on the class website. Pluis/minus grading is used.


Please turn cell phones off or to vibrate.  Please do not text-message during class.  Blackberrys and similar devices may not be used for taking notes.

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The CSUN policy on academic dishonesty will be strictly enforced. A statement of the policy can be found in the CSUN 2006-2008 Catalog, Appendix C, p.536. (URL: Any student violating the academic dishonesty policy with respect to any aspect of this class will not receive credit for the course and will be reported to the appropriate authorities.