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Sculptures by American-Romanian ceramist
Patriciu (Patrick) Mateescu at CSUN

CSUN owns two sculptures by ceramist Patriciu (Patrick) Mateescu: "Heavenly Hands" and "California Love Flower", both donated by engineering Professor Ileana Costea.

Heavenly Hands sculptures

While on campus at CSUN take a moment to see the “Heavenly Hands” sculptures by American/Romanian sculptor Patriciu (Patrick) Mateescu (b. 1935). They are located, on Plummer Street, a few blocks North of Nordhoff, and just West of Lindley Avenue (called University Avenue on campus) in front of the North building of the Mike Curb College of Arts, Media & Communication (Art & Design Center and Art Galleries.

The "Heavenly Hands" were created on campus by the sculptor while he was invited as an Artist in Residence in the summer of 2005. They are made of porcelain. They were made in the kilns of the ceramics program of the AMC College. The gracious host of Patriciu Mateescu was art professor Patty Cox. This project was called “Arts meets Science”/”Science meets Art” and was initiated by engineering professor Ileana Costea. It was a joint venture of two colleges: CECS and AMC, and was approved by the respective deans of the colleges at that time, Diane Schwartz and William Toutant. The Chair of the Art Department in those days was professor David Moon who was very supportive and also contributed to making possible the Romanian Sculpture Exhibition that followed, “ENCOUNTERS,” November 2005. Professor Professor Moon designed the poster and the invitation for the opening reception at which the sculptor was present to talk about his work. A second exhibition, “Pure Joy” took place in May 2006 in the CSUN Art Galleries. The coordinators of the two exhibitions were Ileana Costea & Ligia Toutant.

Another sculpture by the same sculptor, Patriciu Mateescu, called the “California Love Flower” was donated in 1985 by CSUN engineering professor Ileana Costea PhD, and her husband, UCLA Professor of Medicine, Nicolas Costea, MD (d. 2000). For many years this sculpture was located in the courtyard of the Student Union. When construction of the new building started there the sculpture was placed in storage. It is believed that soon his sculpture will also be given a nice location on campus, may be next to the College of Engineering and Computer Science.  Sculptures by the same sculptor similar to CSUN “California Love Flower” were donated and can be seen one on the UCLA campus, Sunset Recreation Center and nother one at the Cedar Sinai Hospital, Beverly Hills.

California Love Flower sculpture and I Costea


Artist's Patriciu (Patrick) Mateescu Home Page
December 5, 2005 • @CSUN • California State University, Northridge, p. 4 Northridge’s Cultural
Landscape Enriched by ‘Heavenly Hands’ Romanian-Born Sculptor’s Monumental Work is
Dedicated in Art and Design Courtyard.
CSUN to Dedicate Installation by Sculptor Patrick Mateescu
Exhibition to include Chronicle of Works by Constantin Brancusi
(November 14, 2005)
Consulate General of Romania - Los Angeles - Press Release

November 18 – 22, 2005 at California State University Northridge Art & Design Center,
North Campus. Nov 18, 2005: Photography and sculpture event at CSUN Art Galleries offering the opportunity to meet the renowned sculptor - ceramist, Patriciu Mateescu. Opportunity to
meet the sculptor who created the Heavenly Hands located on campus in the AMC College court yard.
Event coordinators: Ileana Costea and Ligia Toutant.
Consulate General of Romania - Los Angeles - Press Release
May 21 – June 2, 2006 Is a unique exhibiton of photography and sculpture presenting works by: 
Constantin Brancusi (1876 – 1957) and Patriciu Mateescu (b. 1927). Sculptures by Mateescu from
Californian Private Collections will be exhibited. Event coordinators: Ileana Costea and Ligia Toutant.
Grounds for Sculpture Collection – Patriciu Mateescu.

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