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For math teachers, check out Improving Learning in Mathematics and The Standards Unit Box, especially the booklet by Malcom Swan.  They are fantastic! <NEW!>!

Check out interesting facts about various math topics and the history of math at the MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive <NEW!>!

The new Virtual Professional Development Center (VPDC) at CSUN
has some very useful links.  Please do check them out  <NEW!>!

The links on the right might be useful for
lesson planning.

Check out lots of good resources from
Honolulu Community College at Teaching Tips <NEW!>.

Check out the Harry Wong link at
for nice tips on classroom management.

Be sure to scroll down for links to Math Sites
California Content Standards

Californa Curriculum Frameworks

the Educator's Reference Desk

Student Teaching at CSUN

Credential Office at CSUN

Credential Information

Teaching Tips <NEW!>

Strategic Intervention Model (SIM) <NEW!>

Tools for Educators <NEW!>

English-Spanish Math Dictionary <NEW!>

Learning and Teaching Resources
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Jeopardy Template <NEW!>

Grade Level Gold

Education World

Inspiring Teachers

A to Z Teacher Stuff

About Secondary School Educators

Scholastic Teacher Tools

Sunburst Technologies

The links on the right might be useful for
teaching mathematics.
NCTM Principles and Standards (2000)

NCTM Curriculum Focal Points (2006)

NCTM Illuminations

California Math Standards (1997)

California Math Framework (2005)

Improving Learning in Mathematics <NEW!>

The Standards Unit Box <NEW!>

Texas Instruments


Interesting Math Information <NEW!>

Virtual Manipulatives


plus Magazine <NEW!>

Dynamical Systems at Boston University

(Prob/Stats & Calculus) Problems of the Week

Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies

Math Bits

Key Curriculum Press

The Geometer's Sketchpad Resource Center

Carnegie Learning (Cognitive Tutor)

College Preparatory Mathematics (CPM)

Interactive Mathematics Program (IMP)